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Training Schedule

Victory AC Training Sessions

Tuesday runs start @ 6.30pm from outside Havant Leisure Centre
Objective = maintain/build endurance
Thursday Training Sessions start at 6pm from outside Havant Leisure Centre
Objective = to develop stamina, strength and speed

Please note: These are the club approved training sessions...
if you do not run these then you run at your own risk and are not covered by Club's 3rd party insurance.
At times of bad weather, we may need to change (or cancel) the planned session.
These changes may be made at short notice!
Changes to the Schedule will be communicated through the website, Facebook and email.

Tuesday runs have a volunteer sweeper to run with the last runners over the designated course,
and all runners are asked to 'buddy' up with a runner of a similar pace.

*UJ- unaccompanied junior aged 15 and above. They are permitted to run by themselves at sessions labelled UJ.
**AJ - is a junior aged 12-15 yrs. They must be accompanied by a parent or a designated adult at sessions designated AJ.

Thursday 3rd May : 6pm

West Leigh Field [AJ] Fartlek round field perimeter
coach: Ali

Tuesday 8th May : 6.30pm

Hayling Billy trail [UJ/AJ]
(HLC – HB Trail 30 mins out – 30 mins back)
coach: Nicola
sweeper:Richard Turner

Thursday 10th May : 6pm

Mike Edwards Summer Long handicap Race 2
Short H/Cap route (un-coached)

Tuesday 15th May : 6.30pm

Old Farlington Marshes Continuous run – multi terrain [AJ]
(5.5 miles)
coach: Mary
sweeper: Alan Mulry

Thursday 17th May : 6pm

Vo2 Max [AJ]
West Leigh Field
coaches: Pete/ Chris/ Nicola

Tuesday 22nd May : 6.30pm

Emsworth Foreshore [AJ]
(7 miles)
coach: Marilyn
sweeper: Roger

Thursday 24th May : 6pm

Chelsea Squares [AJ]
West Leigh Field
coach: Dave

Tuesday 29th May : 6.30pm

Rowlands Castle - multi terrain [AJ]
(6 miles)
coach: Dave
sweeper: TBC

Thursday 31st May: 6pm

Ian Murray Summer Short handicap Race 3 [UJ]

Tuesday 10th April : 6.30pm

Long handicap Recce [AJ]
(6.5 miles)
coach: Dave/ Chris
sweeper: Sara Heath
Victory 5k-10k Course : Week Five
coach: Debbie

Thursday 12th April : 6pm

Mike Edwards Summer Long handicap Race 1
Short H/Cap route (un-coached) [UJ]

Tuesday 17th April : 6.30pm

Havant Thicket Tempo Run [AJ]
(5.5 miles)
coach: Pete
sweeper:John Cowlin
PLEASE NOTE: meet at Havant Thicket car park
Victory 5k-10k Course : Week Six
coach: Debbie

Thursday 19th April : 6pm

Mill Lane [AJ] Up and Over hills (300 mtrs) – 25 mins
coach: Lucy

Tuesday 24th April : 6.30pm

Rowlands Castle continuous run through Stansted [AJ]
(6 miles)
coach: Becki
PLEASE NOTE: meet at Rowlands Castle

Thursday 26th April : 6pm

Ian Murray Summer Short handicap Race 2 [UJ]

Tuesday 1st May : 6.30pm

New Farlington Marshes Pacing Run [UJ/AJ]
(6.5 miles)
coach: Ali
sweeper: Bridget Main
PLEASE NOTE: meet at Bidbury Mead car park

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