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Training Schedule

Regular Training Session Schedules (pdf: open in new window)

Click here to download pdf of the Tuesday Winter 2018/19 Training Schedule.
Please note: it's always a good idea to bring a head torch with you for the winter runs
most are along street lit roads - but a few do have dark sections where a torch can be useful!

Click here to download pdf of the Thursday Winter 2018/19 Training Schedule.

Victory AC Training Sessions
Tuesday runs start @ 6.30pm from outside Havant Leisure Centre
Objective = maintain/build endurance
Thursday Training Sessions start at 6pm from outside Havant Leisure Centre
Objective = to develop stamina, strength and speed

Please note: These are the club approved training sessions...
if you do not run these then you run at your own risk and are not covered by Club's 3rd party insurance.
At times of bad weather, we may need to change (or cancel) the planned session.
These changes may be made at short notice!
Changes to the Schedule will be communicated through the website, Facebook and email.

Tuesday runs have a volunteer sweeper to run with the last runners over the designated course,
and all runners are asked to 'buddy' up with a runner of a similar pace.

*UJ- unaccompanied junior aged 15 and above. They are permitted to run by themselves at sessions labelled UJ.
**AJ - is a junior aged 12-15 yrs. They must be accompanied by a parent or a designated adult at sessions designated AJ.

Please wear Hi-Viz clothing for winter running
Be Seen in the dark - Always Wear High Viz Clothing and have a torch

Thursday 31st January : 6pm

Barton’s Road – Hills
coaches: Lucy/Chris

Tuesday 5th February : 6.30pm

Rowlands 10k
(can be extended up Links Lane 1.2m)
coaches: Debbie/Marilyn
sweeper: Hannah Lowry

Couch to 5K Course: Week 5
coaches: Lesley / Debbie

Thursday 7th February : 6pm

Winter Handicap Race 5 (5K)

Tuesday 12th February : 6.30pm

(can be extended up London Road 1.5 - 2.5m)
coach: Mary
sweeper: Helen Boiling

Couch to 5K Course: Week 6
coaches: Lesley / Debbie

Thursday 14th February : 6pm

Havant Park - Pyramid (of love!) session
coach: Marilyn

Tuesday 15th January : 6.30pm

Emsworth 10k
coach: Nicola
sweeper: Bridget Main

Couch to 5K Course: Week 2
coaches: Lesley / Debbie

Thursday 17th January : 6pm

Warblington – 1m reps
coach: Nicola

Tuesday 22nd January : 6.30pm

Farlington Ave
coach: Pete
sweeper: Mark Cooter

Couch to 5K Course: Week 3
coaches: Lesley / Debbie

Thursday 24th January : 6pm

Warblington Railway Path – 400m
coach: Kev

Tuesday 29th January : 6.30pm

Emsworth Tempo
coach: Belinda
sweeper: TBC

Couch to 5K Course: Week 4
coaches: Lesley / Debbie

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