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Why Run?

Been invited along to a running club by a friend but not too sure if you are going to go?
Read on to find out why running is the best sport of them all!


1. Running is the most efficient way to increase your cardio-vascular fitness:
You will see significant improvement in your cardio-vascular (stamina) fitness over a relatively short period of time.

2. Running is good for your heart:
As you progress with your running your heart will become stronger and more efficient at pumping blood around your body. Because your heart does not have to pump as frequently, you will notice a decline in your resting heart rate. If you sustain your running on a regular basis you will reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

3. Running is an excellent way to reduce stress:
A good running workout will help you get rid of the stress accumulated during your working day.

4. Running is a great way to focus the mind:
Research shows that people who run improve their ability to focus and think more clearly.

5. Running makes you feel good:
After running you will feel good about yourself due to the self satisfaction of knowing you are improving your health and controlling your body shape. Running will also help your body release endorphins, the natural brain chemicals that make you feel good and put you in the 'flow'.

6. Running is inexpensive and easy to learn:
Unlike some physical activities, running demands very little specialist equipment. The only real equipment you need is a decent pair of running shoes and some comfortable training clothes. Running in its basic form is not a technically demanding sport and involves simple natural movements that we have learnt from childhood.

7. Running is accessible to everyone:
There is always somewhere to run (some places more appropriate and scenic than others) even in really adverse weather conditions. Utilising today's fitness equipment you can also run indoors on hi-tech treadmills.

8. Running is an excellent way to control your weight:
When combined with a sensible diet, running has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. The secret is to be patient and be prepared to lose weight over a period of time - aim for approximately 1lb a week.

9. Running is for everyone:
Whatever the age, as long as a sensible training programme is followed, running can be enjoyed by all th4 family. There are now races specifically organised to attract families.

10. Running offers the opportunity to run shoulder to shoulder with the stars:
There is no other sport that allows you to participate in the same event with world class athletes. In many races, including the half marathon and marathon, you can race with the world's best.