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Ian Murray Short Handicap

The Ian Murray Short Handicap is a 3.65 Mile club race
starting from behind Havant Leisure Centre with a route down to Langstone and back.
It is an annual series with individual monthly races from March to September.

If you have run before, you will have an estimated finish time.
You will be set off at a specific times relating to your estimated time, with the slowest starting first.
The handicaps for the first race are based on last year's finishing times. Runners without a handicap will be allocated a start time prior to the event.
This will be based on a previous race you have run, such as the Winter Handicap.
If you are running a Handicap for the first time, you will not be eligible to win the trophy for winning that first specific race.
However, you will get points for that race towards the series.
The idea is that everyone will finish at about the same time, but if you run quicker you could finish first earning yourself plenty of points.
In doing this you also change your estimated time and makes it harder for you to finish first again.

There is a monthly winner and a league table kept to establish the season winner.

To make the series of handicap races as fair and accurate as possible, it is essential that all runners start at their allotted handicap times.

To prevent confusion and chaos at the start of the race, could we ask that:
  1. All runners register with the organiser. Do not just turn up and expect to be spotted!
  2. Know your start time. When you register, get your handicap start time - and remember it!
  3. Warm up but be ready at the start line before your start time. Your name will be called but you need to be within ear-shot and be listening out!
  4. Turn up and register before the race start. This helps eliminate interruptions to the organisers between the start of the race and the last competitor setting off.
  5. Anyone turning up after their race start times will be assigned a later start time by the organisers when they have a convenient gap between starting other competitors. This may not always be possible so don’t assume this.
  6. If you wish to start earlier than your handicap time, you will receive no points for that race. Please agree an earlier start time when you register - and remember it.
Course Route Map
VAC Summer Short Handicap Route Map

Make sure to always use the footbridge to cross the railway whether or not the gates are open.

When running west towards the finish on Eastern Road, participants should move to the right side of the road prior to reaching the t-junction to Leigh Road.

Click here for pdf of more detailed rules for the Summer Handicap Series

Please wear a club vest or T-shirt when competing
in the short and long handicap races.

Kit is available from Alexandra Sports if you need to purchase a vest or club tee-shirt.

Annual Series Winners

   1st   Kerry Adaway : 249 points
   2nd  John Gallagher : 232 points
   3rd  Pete Beachill : 229 points
Download the Full Results (pdf)

   1st  Roger Brummell: 337 points
   2nd  Amber Ankinson : 335 points
   3rd  Howard Wright: 232 points
Download the Full Results (pdf)
2017 Results webpage

   1st  John Marenghi : 250 points
   2nd  Neil Tolfrey : 233 points
   3rd  Matt Healy : 220 points
2016 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2016 Results webpage

   1st   Paul Willcox : 279 points
   2nd  Raman Sangha : 261 points
   3rd  Terry Healy : 256 points
2015 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2015 Results webpage

   1st   John Gallagher: 260 points
   2nd  Kate Parks: 245 points
   3rd  Gary Heather: 242 points
2014 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2014 Results webpage

   1st    Michelle Cooke:   277 points
   2nd   Martin Coles:   253 points
   3rd  John Cowlin:   243 points
2013 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2013 Results webpage

   1st    Andrew Wright:   265 points
   2nd   Kevin McTaggart:   255 points
   3rd  John Cowlin:   254 points
2012 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2012 Results webpage

   1st    Paul Willcox:   272 points
   2nd   Richard Wells:   270 points
   3rd  Kate Parks:   267 points
2011 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2011 Results webpage

   1st    Kevin McTaggart: 266 points
   2nd   Jo Gilholm: 258 points
   3rd  Paul Mitchinson: 256 points
2010 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2010 Results webpage


2018 Short Handicap

Race One: Thursday 29th March 2018
Kerry Adaway: Short Handicap 2018 Race One / March winner

1st     Kerry Adaway
2nd   Wayne Goodwin (guest)
3rd   Amanda Rudkin
Race One Results : full listing


Race Two: Thursday 26th April 2018
1st     Kerry Adaway
2nd   Lucy Cowlin
3rd   Mhari Main
Race Two Results : full listing


Race Three: Thursday 31st May 2018
1st     Arron Grosvenor
2nd   Nichol Riggott
3rd   Debbie Clarke
Race Three Results : full listing


Race Four: Thursday 28th June 2018
Dave Morris: Short Handicap 2018 Race Four / June winner

1st     Dave Morris
2nd   Linda Pukinska
3rd   Howard Wright
Race Four Results : full listing


Race Five: Thursday 26th July 2018
Nicola Stott: Short Handicap 2018 Race Five / July winner

1st     Nicola Stott
2nd   John Gallagher
3rd   Colin Moon
Race Five Results : full listing


Race Six: Thursday 30th August 2018
Bart Pirie: Short Handicap 2018 Race Six / August winner

1st     Bart Pirie
2nd   Peter Bond
3rd   Pete Bone
Race Six Results : full listing


Race Seven: Thursday 27th September 2018
Peter Beachill: Short Handicap 2018 Race Seven / August winner

1st     Peter Beachill
2nd   Neil Tolfrey
3rd   Marilyn Crocker
Race Seven Results : full listing