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The many benefits of membership include:

The benefits of our Sunday Run
"We thought this would be a good way to encourage New Club Members to join us on our Sunday morning runs, with an eat as much as you like breakfast in the café afterwards... Damian (pictured right) seems to think it is a good idea!"

Club Member of the Year:

Each year in March/April the club membership are invited to submit nominations for the Club Member of the Year. The trophy is presented at the Annual Dinner which is usually in April.

There are no criteria, just the members' personal choice. Maybe someone who has always been there for you, helped you to meet your goals, progressed well, contributed to the club or just been good company to run with – you don’t have to give a reason!

Nominations are requested by, and should be emailed to

Contact for Membership

Please give the appropriate completed form with payment to a club official or send to:

Victory AC Membership Secretary
19a Manor Way,
Hayling Island
PO11 9JH

If you have any problems or are unsure of anything please send an e-mail to and we will be happy to help.

Membership Forms

Note: Current members please use the RENEWAL forms.

Victory AC Membership RENEWAL Form
(word document)

Victory AC Membership ONLINE RENEWAL Form
(word document)

IBM Victory AC Renewal Form (word document)

(word document)

Family Membership

  1. Family Membership is based on two adults living at the same address, offering a reduced price for the second.
  2. Children can be added free of charge providing the following is adhered to.
  3. Children aged 11 and under are not permitted to join or run with Victory AC on training nights. They can however accompany a fully paid up club member on any of the club social events.
  4. Children aged 12-15 can run with the club as long as they are listed on the Family Membership Form, and:
    a. They MUST be accompanied on club runs by their parent/guardian, or with adults who have agreed to accompany the child and who are nominated in advance by their parent/guardian.
    b. One such adult can be responsible for a maximum of two children.
    c. They may also only participate in suitable sessions. (Marked PG)
  5. Children aged 16 and 17 can run with the main group independent of their parent/guardian, however that parent/guardian MUST be present at that training session.
  6. When an individual turns 18 (unless in full time education) they are to apply for full membership in their own right
    (see para 1).
  7. Members are to be aware that the nominated coach is responsible for the session and in questions of suitability regarding children taking part, their decision is final.

England Athletics Membership

When renewing your membership, you will need to consider whether you also want to affiliate to English Athletics at an additional £14.00 per person.
There are no discounts for family members, though not everybody in the family will need to affiliate.

There are two good reasons for wanting to affiliate to a running organisation.... one is for insurance reasons and the other to allow ourselves to run in their races.
The club needs to insure itself for Public Liability purposes and the Committee has chosen the cheapest option and has affiliated with ACR (Association of Running Clubs).

The alternative is for every member to affiliate to English Athletics at £14.00 per year.
The other issue is to allow ourselves to complete in the races we want to and at the cheapest entry fee possible.
To do this, some 1st claim members of the club will need to affiliate to English Athletics. These members will have to pay the current English Athletics membership fee, which at the moment is £14.00.
There is no point in affiliating to English Athletics at £14.00 a time if you don't need to.
Nor should those who don't need to affiliate to EA subsidise those who do need to affiliate.

So the question is, who needs to affiliate?
For most the decision will be straight forward.
Any second claim members should affiliate with their first claim club if necessary.
If you are a social (non-running) member of the club, or only turn up at training sessions, club handicap races or the Today's Runner Cross Country, then you do not need to affiliate.

If you run in the Hampshire Cross Country League or any championship events (road or cross country e.g. SEAA cross country at Parliament Hill), then you do need to affiliate in order to participate.

Indeed, we need your EA number in order to fill in the entry form. If you run semi-regularly at weekend races, then you will probably want to affiliate as well, as some of these events may insist on the entry form that you supply your English Athletic membership number, else you will need to pay a £2.00 surcharge.

It is also true that race organisers do not check the accuracy of entrants and it is probably true to say that some enter races making false claims. I wouldn't want to encourage anybody at VAC to do such a thing.

Not all events are run under the auspices of English Athletics. Some events are run under ARC and you would not need to belong to EA to run in these events. For most members, the decision probably straight forward. If uncertain, I would talk to the Committee.


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