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Mike Edwards Summer Long Handicap

The Long Handicap is a 6.7 Mile approx club race.
It is an annual event once a month from April to September.
held on the second Thursday of the month

The route starts at the far side of the HLC car park (where the Winter Handicap used to start), through the alley way, turning right, then left and straight along to the level crossing (please ensure that you use the bridge to cross the line!)
There you turn left onto the Billy Trail, through The Spring car park and left down the alley way (Hayling Billy Link Path) to Wade Court. Turn right at the end of the alley a short way down Wade Court and left onto the footpath (taking this - The Hayling Billy Link Path all the way to the end at Pook Lane).
Run over the A27 footbridge, turning left onto Pook Lane and right onto Church Lane and past Warblington Church.
Turn left (onto Solent Way), through the field, across a small beach area and along the shore path to Emsworth Sailing Club.
Run round the Mill Pond, coming up Bridgefoot Path (mind the swans!) and down turn Bath Road, back to the Sailing Club.
Return the same way that you came - until you get to Havant railway line at the end of the Billy Trail.
After crossing the footbridge, at the New Lane/Eastern Road crossroads, turn left and head down Eastern Road towards the leisure centre, cross carefully into Elmleigh Road and contunue round past the Job Centre and the Police Station,
as you turn into Civic Centre Road you will see the finish just at the corner of the car park.
The course is 6.7 miles.
Please familiarise yourselves with the route before the race.
This is a self navigation course and it is your responsibility to know your way!

Same rules apply as for the Short Handicap with the idea is that everyone will finish at about the same time, but if you run quicker you could finish first earning yourself plenty of points. In doing this you also change your estimated time and makes it harder for you to finish first again.
Please ensure that you turn up in plenty of time to register, especially if you haven’t run the race before.

If you have run before, you will have an estimated finish time. You will be set off at a specific times relating to your estimated time, with the slowest starting first.

There will be a monthly winner and a league table kept to establish the season winner.
Please wear a club vest or T-shirt when competing in the short and long handicap races.

Kit is available from Alexandra Sports if you need to purchase a vest or club tee-shirt.

Mike Edwards Summer Long Handicap

2017 Series Winners

1st:.Colin Moon : 181 points
1st: Gary Heather : 177 points
1st: Dave Morris : 169 points
Download the Full Results (pdf)
2017 Results webpage

2016 Series Winners

1st Jon Haines : 178 points
2nd Gary Heather : 174 points
2nd John Gallagher : 174 points

2016 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2016 Results webpage

2015 Series Winners

1st Peter Bone : 186 points
2nd Terry Healy : 180 points
3rd Paul Willcox : 177 points

2015 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)

2014 Series Winners

1st Andrew Wright : 180 points
2nd Gary Heather : 177 points
3rd Colin O'Donnell : 175 points

2014 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2014 Results webpage

2013 Series Winners

1st Peter Bone: 189 points
2nd Mark Griffiths: 184 points
3rd Andrew Wright: 180 points

2013 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2013 Results webpage

2012 Series Winners

1st Andrew Wright: 186 points
2nd Tim Cooper: 183 points
3rd Malcolm Hagan: 171 points

2012 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2012 Results webpage

2011 Series Winners

1st Richard Wells: 184 points
2nd Jo Gilholm: 181 points
3rd Paul Mitchinson: 178 points

2011 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2011 Results webpage

2010 Series Winners

1st Jo Gilholm: 179 points
2nd Kevin McTaggart: 177 points
3rd Paul Mitchinson: 176 points

2010 Final Points/Placings Table (pdf)
2010 Results webpage

Route Map

Click on map to see route on Strava website

New long handicap route

2017 Races

Race One: Thursday 13th April 2017
1st: Matthew Walker
2nd: Lynette Meredith
3rd: John Marenghi
Race One Results : full listing

Race Two: Thursday 11th May 2017
1st: Lisa Emson
2nd: Michelle Cartwright
3rd: Andrew Wright
Race Two Results : full listing

Race Three: Thursday 8th June 2017
1st: Amber Ankinson
2nd: Mark Hay
3rd: Andrew Wright
Race Three Results : full listing

Race Four: Thursday 13th July 2017
1st: Simon Gill
2nd: Dave Lown
3rd: Lesley Allen
Race Four Results : full listing

Race Five: Thursday 10th August 2017
1st: Lucy Cowlin
2nd: Gemma Corbett
3rd:Huw Williams
Race Five Results : full listing

Race Six: Thursday 14th September 2017
1st:Mark Hull
2nd:Gary Heather
3rd:Norman Stronach
Race Six Results : full listing