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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to half marathon.
We encourage members to take part in these events, and our Road Race Captains are sure to encourage you to enter as this will assist the club's rankings in the league - as well as your personal league ranking.

Men's Captain: Dave Lown
Women's Captains: Helen Boiling

Runners should wear their club vest when participating on HRRL races in order to qualify for club and individual points.

This Season's (2016/17) Races


Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

Captains Race Report

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2016/17 Season Race Reports

OVERTON 5   4th September 2016
Some of the Victory AC Ladies Team at Overton 5 : September 2016
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

The 1st Hampshire league road race, the Overton 5M took place Sun 4th Sept. We set off from Horndean just before 12.00 and arrived at the race headquarters around an hour later after a fairly quiet drive. The weather was good for running; dry, cloudy, not much wind and not too hot.

It was a new course this year, and we were all walked up to the start which was about ½ mile from the race headquarters. It was a narrow start with very little room for overtaking for about the 1st mile, then the race started to spread out.

The course was definitely undulating, though not over 2 laps as in previous years. It was an out and back course along small traffic free country lanes with a loop in the middle. A hill caught us all out just after 3 miles! There was short off road section close to the finish which came as pleasant surprise!

We had a good ladies’ turnout (9 in total), with Dee running her 1st Hampshire road race and getting a PB (over 2 minutes improvement) in the process-well done! Hazel also PB’d knocking over 2 minutes off her previous 5 mile time so well done too! It was great to have an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team in the 1st race of the season.

Thanks to everyone who ran for us and sorry the course wasn’t as flat as I’d led you to believe! I was surprised too!

Ladies Times
Helen Boiling    39.28 [PB]
Rachel Jarvis    44.46
Allison Lowder    47.47

Becki Ralf    51.56
Bridget Main    53.42
Lesley Allen    54.39

Dee Sims   56.45 [PB]
Hazel Jenkinson    01.01.27 [PB]
Mary Short    01.03.09

Mens team  Dave Lown

Well, that felt like a very short break since the end of the 15/16 HRRL season! Straight back into the action at Overton on Sunday 4th Sept in a race that filled up in the middle of August.

A new route was promised and delivered – with the same car parking as previous years, we arrived at where we thought the start was, only to told to start making our way to the new start 30 mins before the race – Neil had to run off to collect his number and race vest! The start was a bit frustrating – nobody to organise participants in to speed order which would have improved some of our times (I know, but it’s an excuse I’m sticking too).
So after a rather slow start due to very narrow road - the 1st mile was almost all downhill and once we’d sorted out our positioning on the wider road, the traditional hills of Overton began. Reminiscent of the rolling terrain of the Alton 10, the next 3 miles proved a hard task master even with the water station at the 2.5 mile mark.

Following a loop out and around, we turned back, partly on the road we left the start from with a nice upwards slope to get to mile 4 – lots of support from the locals which was greatly appreciated. The final mile saw us turn off the road and down a narrow path through a small copse – little streams and bridges made overtaking interesting but soon we were out behind the church and into the finish line.

Individual results were available immediately (gun time) as the race made use of chip timing, both on computers at the end and instant text messages with chip times by the time we’d got back to the car.

Highlights of the race include Zack coming 5th with a massive PB, Paul 18th just 3 seconds outside of his PB with Neil and John making up the A team.
Myself, Malcolm (who finished almost 5 mins faster than he expected after returning from injury), Graham (whose son decided to fly past me in the last half mile) and Rob Edwards finished off the B team.

Well done to all!

SOLENT HALF    9th October 2016
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

The second race of the season and we were very lucky with such a lovely ,not too hot sunny day.
Quote from Terry Healy on the day "how lucky are we" and this was very true!

Six ladies completed the half marathon course, so two teams but was rather tense at the start when we thought we only had 5 ladies (1 short of 2 teams ) but luckily Alison Lowder appeared just before we started, phew!

A scenic route with stunning views of the Solent made it a very pleasant run.

Well done all and well done Lisa Slight who had not run such a distance for some time.

I was the last in the club to finish so cannot comment on any sprint finishes but everyone was smiling when I finished helped I expect by their "Solent Half" running water bottle and Mars bar in their goody bags.

Ladies Times
Michelle Butler    1:52:50
Helen Boiling  1:53:45
Ann Panting    2:0:10

Lisa Slight    2:07:48
Allison Lowder    2:13:07
Rachel Jarvis    2:15:24

Some of the Victory AC Ladies Team at Solent Half Marathon 2016

Mens team  Dave Lown

So with a multitude of other races on the same day, not least the first Cross Country race, expectations were we would struggle to get 2 teams out to race in the second HRRL race.
However, the turnout was really good with 12 men from the club.

Most of us met at Lakeside to car share and we set off in convoy towards Fawley refinery – not the most scenic of locations I hear you say, but how wrong you could be!
With a nice 10 degrees, sun and a gentle but chilly northerly breeze, the setting was positively pleasant compared to some recent outings (New Forest Marathon was 25 degrees!).
The race started in its usual position, in the middle of the field and went around the lake (through newly dug up ground in places), up the little slope on the main road.
After a mile we were onto the open New Forest Road, some of us going a little faster than we should have been (we would pay for that later!).
We turned on to the coastal road after 3 miles, reaching the Solent and the beautiful clear views of the Isle of Wight between miles 7 and 9 as well as some very impressive mansions.
Up until this point the course was mildly undulating with a definite downhill bias – roll on miles 10-13 which maintained a gradual incline all the way to the finish.
Mile 10 was the hardest, a relatively steep climb towards the main road saw lots of people slowing down followed by the audible gasps of disbelief from those who didn’t know about the ‘gentle’ incline to the finish.

So how did we do?
Neil was first VAC to finish with a chip time of 1:34:45, followed by Paul at 1:38:48, a PB by some 3.5 mins - well done Paul.
Jim and Colin completed the A team with Terry, myself, Martin and John completing the B team.
Ali impressed with 1:55:27, a really credible first Half marathon time and Malcolm continued his fine comeback from injury at 1:58:56.
Chris and Mark completed the men’s contribution also with solid times.

No obligatory bling from this race –continuing their tradition of providing useful running ‘bits’.
This year it was a water bottle – previous items include towels and boot bags (great for trail shoes).

GOSPORT HALF    20th November 2016
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

I was watching the weather with trepidation in the days leading up to the Gosport half.
We were being promised heavy rain and high winds. Even the day before there was a warning on the race website saying that the event might be cancelled!

Thankfully the storm came a little earlier the night before and the day itself was windy, but dry.

Several of us met up at the headquarters before the race, but I was pleased to see at the end that we had 9 Victory ladies running which was great turnout. There were just over 1500 runners so this was a fairly big race.
The course was the same as last year; 2 pretty flat laps up and back along the seafront.
Once again we started into the wind, so had the benefit of the wind behind us for the 2nd and final leg. I for one, found this a great advantage in the closing stages.

The lovely thing about this course is that you frequently see other runners passing in the opposite direction, which allowed us to support fellow club runners during the race.
There was also plenty of support from the Gosport club marshals who were braving the blustery, cold conditions.

Laura stormed home for the ‘A’ Team in her quickest half marathon time for 2 years!
Lisa, Jenny and I ran PB’s; in fact it was Jenny’s first half marathon, so well done! I think it was Anne’s 1st (of many, I hope!) runs for Victory so thank you.

Thank you all for braving the conditions in this our 1st of 3 road races over consecutive weekends.
Hayling 10 is up next on Sun 27th November-hope to see plenty of you there.

Chip time results below:

Ladies Times
Laura Praeger (Allen)    1:36:37
Helen Boiling    1:53:26 [PB]
Lisa Slight    1:59:33 [PB]

Rachel Jarvis    2:07:34
Jenny Lown    2:08:31 [PB]
Claire Shardlow    2:10:31

Allison Lowder    2:16:53
Anne Carvalho    2:19:16
Marilyn Crocker    2:24:28

Mens team  Dave Lown

Well Sunday’s Gosport Marathon promised lots – torrential rain and storm force winds but thankfully it only delivered a stiff breeze, very similar to last year. The setup was the same, with the same welcoming Gosport Road Runners’ members giving out the numbers and providing some much welcomed support throughout the race.

We started just about on time with 29 Victory lining up – I think the general consensus was just to get around the course without letting the wind effect the pace. Coming past Browndown Camp, on to the main road, we waited for the wind to hit but we were grateful that it didn’t until we reached the foreshore path at Lee-On-Solent. 2.5 miles of sideways to head on wind made for an interesting run – those of us who ran last year tried in vain to tuck behind a runner in front to protect ourselves. Onto Hill Head and the turnaround point provided a nice respite with the Drums beating, the first and second water stations provided refreshment for the push back towards Browndown. With the wind behind the next 2.5miles soon went by. All during this we kept an eye out for other club members running in the opposite direction as this was a double loop circuit.

The start of the second lap felt much harder than the first – within 500 metres of the finish line only to be turned around to go into the wind again.

Miles 7-10 are always the most difficult here because of the wind and seeing the faster runners passing on your left with only 2 miles left only made it worse! Onwards to the last 3 miles, a slight uphill at the Arcade, then again at the final water station. At this point you are definitely on the stretch – trying to keep your pace to be able to finish the race hard but not overdo it.

The Marshalls were great, always vocal in support and the finish bags were, compared to other races, really quite good! Cake, Twix, banana and some biscuits were just what you need.

Given the conditions there were some really good times – Dan, Paul, Dave and Andrew brought home the A Team, with Neil’s impressive form leading home the B Team with Chris, Andrew and myself.

Congrats to Ali for a PB time – well done! Also to Simon Gill, our newest member who runs first claim for Bognor Time Zone who came 16th overall!

Mens Times
Daniel Bailey    1:18:21
Paul Mitchinson    01:19:24
David Howard    01:25:14

Andrew Frayling    01:27:49
Neil Tolfrey    01:31:19
Christopher Lowder    01:37:58

Andrew Flynn    01:42:06
David Lown    01:45:44
terry healy    01:45:58
Martin Coles    01:49:23
John Marenghi    01:49:06
john cowlin    01:51:14
Ali McNiff    01:54:08 [PB]
Malcolm Hagan    01:54:31
Graham Foden    01:59:33
Gary Heather    02:01:44
Mark Cooter    02:07:53
Jason Horton    02:13:14
Will Hahn-Griffiths    01:54:08
Simon Gill    01:16:50

HAYLING 10 MILES     27th November 2016
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

Thankfully good weather for running today for the Hayling 10 as in not too cold standing around at the beginning and not a lot of wind which was lucky especially as a lot of the running was along the sea front.
We also were able to "hang out " before the start of the race in the community centre with enough room for us all and it was not far to get to to the start so no time to get very cold.

We had 13 Victory ladies run and complete the race so a good turnout and some excellent running.

Lindsay Cooter ran her furthest race for 10 years, Zoe Gill ran her first race for Victory and was the First Lady in the team to finish.
Jenny Lown had a PB ( not sure of any others) I was down as having a time of 1:24:26 which sadly was not true as I was the "?" In the results, I think my no was written down incorrectly (race was not chipped).

I enjoyed the course with lovely views of the sea and for me an interesting tour of Hayling Island.

Thanks to our supporters Kevin and Jan it was good to see you both cheering us on.

I believe this race at Hayling was a one off for the HRRL which is a pity as for most of us it is local, was easy to get to, good parking and some very supportive marshalls too especially those from Victory.

Well done everyone.

Ladies Times
Zoe Gill    1:18:43
Michelle Butler   1:20:55
Helen Boiling    1:20:56

Clare Elgin   1:29:05
Lisa Slight   1:32:26
Jennifer Lown   1:35:29

Anne Carvalho   1:35:29
Rachel Jarvis   1:35:32
Alison Lowder    1:37:33
Lindsay Cooter   1:40:41
Lucy Cowlin   1:51:07
Bridget Main    1:51:31
Marilyn Crocker    1:55:52

Mens team  Dave Lown

After last week’s wind things were not looking promising though as the day dawned, so did the realisation of almost perfect running conditions – a rarity for those who have run this race before. Cool, clear and a very light NE wind made this race fit for breaking (and making) PBs.

The start on Bacon Lane was very congested, the lack of chip timing meant that accurate times for those of us towards the back would not be happening today. That said, with only 600 or so runners, Staunton Ave (or Stoughton Road as some leaflets read) soon split the field down with just 3 or 4 abreast by the time we reached West Lane.

Onto the Billy Track which we know so well, underfoot was solid allowing us to continue with the same pace as the road prior, continuing onto Sinah Lane then on towards the Hayling Ferry. Here I succumbed to ‘Man-Flu’ and instead I waited patiently for all the Victory runners to come past in both directions. I had already missed Dan and Paul (far too fast!) but Neil, Darren, Chris, Richard and Simon came through in quick succession looking very strong. Andrew, Martin, Matthew (on his first VAC race, alongside Zoe Gill), Malcolm and Mark (with Lyndsey). Sandwiched in between Darren and Chris was Zoe’s husband Matt Gill who will hopefully be part on the team next time round!

The usual suspects were strategically positioned around the course, providing lots on moral support (or was that friendly abuse???) with Pete and Kev marshalling, Lucy and Chris Riddington by the fun fair.

The finish came a lot sooner for me than expected but for others there was that look of ‘Oh my God, please let this run end NOW!’ as they rounded Staunton Ave and into Bacon Lane. With Dan first over the line and Paul just seconds behind, Neil continued his impressive return to speed and Darren completed the A team gaining a very creditable PB in the process.

Chris came in first for the B team with Richard smashing his PB, taking almost 6 mins off his previous time from Alton. Simon was next with Andrew completing the B Team. Matthew Walker set his standard high in his first 10m, followed by a resurgent Martin and Malcolm with Mark coming over the line only to continue running another 10 miles home as part of his Coastal Marathon Training.

Another really good turnout, and with Victory 5m to come on Sunday, things are looking very promising.

VICTORY 5     4th December 2016
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

I need to start with a big thank you to all the Victory ladies who ran on Sunday-we had 20 runners which is a fab number!
There were a number running their 1st road race for Victory including: Sara Heath, Sue Gover, Amy Duxbury and Deborah Clarke (I think).
Thank you and hopefully you are all inspired to run some more races!

The race course is a flat course so a good chance for some PB’s (especially after the undulations at the Overton 5!). The weather was pretty perfect for running; cool, dry and not too windy. The sun even came out at times.
With regard to the HRRL, Chris, Jo and me completed the A’ team with Katie, Lisa and Rachel not far behind to make up the B’ team.
Currently (after 5 races) the ladies A’ team are 9th in A -Division 1 and the B’ team are 10th in B-Division 1.

However, all who ran to represent the club should feel very proud and everyone’s efforts are appreciated. Dee, Lisa, Lindsay, Sue and me all ran PBs so that bodes well for the rest of the season and well done!

It was great to see so many Victory shirts for both the men’s and women’s teams. Thanks also to the supporting voices around the course. I spotted Kevin, Dave L, Andy S and Michelle C- apologies if there were more of you I didn’t spot!

Another enjoyable race under our belts and time for a few weeks rest before the 1st one of the New Year: Stubbington 10K on Sunday 15th January (which is apparently full). Look forward to seeing you there!

Mens team  

Conditions were almost perfect for the running of this year’s Victory 5, bright sunshine, not too cold however a stiff breeze in places.
This race usually sells out well before race day and this year was no exception. 17 VAC men lined up, which is a great turnout so well done to you. This is a good fast race with a lot of quality athletes to drag you along, therefore times were good.

Notably, massive congratulations to Paul Mitchinson on leading the A Team home with a new PB of 27:12 which is also a M35 Club record.

Also, well done to Matt Healy, with a new PB, first junior male and bringing home the A Team all in under 30 mins. Men’s A were 4th team overall and third team in A Div 1 for this race, which moves us up to 8th, still some work to do.

B Team brought in by Neil with Darren close behind followed up by Chris Lowder and Jim Clow, Second in Cat, well done Jim. The B Team stands joint 2nd in B Div 2 on 20 points.

Well done to all who ran, a great VAC effort, whether you ran a personal best or not. Look forward to (for those that have entered) Stubbington Green 10k on Sunday 15th Jan 17.

STUBBINGTON 10k    15th January 2017
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

There was a great Victory turnout for this 1st road race of the New Year which included 30 ladies!
This is the most I’ve ever seen (I think)! Thank you all!

There were 9 ladies running their 1st road race for Victory and 12 PBs (see results below). Many were running their 1st 10K race too so congratulations to you all! Marilyn came 3rd in her age category so well done there! <
The day itself dawned with the promise of heavy showers. However, I think we were lucky that it ended up as light rain and not much wind.

The course itself is relatively flat with a couple of short, not too severe hills. It takes in the village of Stubbington and surrounding countryside, with a small amount of lovely coastline near the end.
The support was good on the way round with plenty of friendly marshalls.

Thanks to Nicola Stott for taking the team photos.
Jackie brought the A Team home, with Chris and Jo; whilst the B Team included me, Shelly and Helen W.

Ladies Chip Times
Jackie Lloyd    42.59
Chris Riddington    44.11
Jo Gilholm    45.17

Helen Boiling    47.22
Shelly Butler    47.22
Helen Whiting    49.14 [PB]

Sophie Needham    51.12
Katie Lewis    52.16 [PB]
Lisa Slight    52.39 [PB]
Nicki Turner 52.49 [PB]
Jenny Lown 55.45 [PB]
Rachel Jarvis    56.24
Lisa Emson    55.57
Becki Ralf    58.41 [PB]
Allison Lowder    01.00.16
Chris Turner    01.01.18
Amber Ankinson    01.02.29 [PB]
Lucy Cowlin   01.02.30 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker    01.05.38
Cathy Beresford    01.07.02
Bridget Main    01.07.03
Amanda Rudkin    01.08.57 [PB]
Dee Sims    01.11.28
Mandy Coles    01.13.06 [PB]
Sara Heath    01.18.39 [PB]
Hazel Jenkinson    01.19.34
Mary Short    01.19.34
Susan Gover    01.24.27
Tracy Long    01.26.24
Amy Duxbury    01.26.2 [PB]

Mens team  Dave Lown

Well after all the fuss about how cold might it be, how much snow we might get to how torrential the rain would be, the weather for Stubbington 10k turned out relatively ok in the end. Yes it was cold but the rain held off (most of the time).

This year heralding a few changes - waves at the start helped with the congestion normally seen with 1800 competitors.

The start started without most of us hearing the starting gun but hey, we just started regardless.

Down the hill towards Titchfield the through the village and back up again - I'm sure it wasn't that long last year?

Through the countryside, over the bridge and towards Hill Head the marshals were in great voice as were the kids at the Osbourne with jelly babies at the ready.

A few puddles led to the road back to the finish, though as ever it was deceiving - that last corner where you can seen the Community Centre on your left so you pick up that final pace to cross the line only to realise there's still 350 metres to go!
Accross the line, I can only apologise to Jackie and Andy for not chatting straight away - anyone who knows me will understand I may have felt the need to vomit as I crossed the line.

Congratulations to all those who ran a 10k race for the first time, and the to those who PB'd - Paul Mitchinson continued his superb form coming in the top 20, Gary Heather, Ali McNiff and John Cowlin also smashed their times with great efforts.
With a finishing total of 55 Victory AC members, this has to have been our best turnout ever - role on Eastleigh 10k!

RYDE 10    5th February 2017
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

Lucky with the weather for the" Ryde 10" fairly cold but no rain. Lovely scenery whilst running a fairly challenging course with lots of hills .

I had run the "chilly hilly" the week before and felt the Ryde 10 course to be an easier run maybe because it is road and not cross country and not such steep hills also it wasn't windy .

Six ladies made the journey to the island which was excellent ,some brilliant running from all with Chris Riddington coming first for the ladies team.

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington    1:15:09.
Jo Gilholm    1:18:10.
Michelle Butler    1:20:25.

Rachel Jarvis    1:37:29.
Alison Lowder    1:44:59.
Marilyn Crocker    1:57:13.

Mens team  Ali McNiff

The weather for Ryde was far better than we expected cloudy cold but luckily no rain.
The course was a challenge especially to those who are first timers to Ryde especially difficulty for Callum "cakey" Cairns who was participating in his first HRRL for victory, what a tough course to choose for his first.
The course starts with a lap around the pond then about smile in we hit our first steep hill. After some up and down we hit a small amount of flat before we hit hill 2 in St Hellens.
This style of course continues with more up and down before 2 big final hills and then a final flat 1/2 mile before and final fast mile all down hill back to the pond me the finish line.

This was an extremely tough course but everybody seemed happy, once they had finished and we're making there way back to the ferries.
A special mention goes to Kevin Giles with a PB of 1:14:45

Mens Times
8th - Paul Mitchinson - 0:58:31
9th - Dan Bailey - 0:58:49
124 - Neil Tolfrey - 1:11:34
173 - Kevin Giles - 1:14:45 [PB]

209 - Christopher Lowder - 1:16:37
220 - Jim Clow - 1:18:19
278 - John Cowlin - 1:23:13
323 - Ali McNiff - 1:28:38

335 - Callum Cairns
420 - Graham Foden - 1:45:55
EASTLEIGH 10k    19th March 2017
Ladies team   Helen Boiling Another good turn out for the Victory ladies this weekend at the Eastleigh 10K-14 in total!

Great to see some of our newer members taking part again.
The day was dry with a chilly wind but not bad running conditions.

It is a 1 lap course, mainly flat; just one not too terrible hill!
It is billed as being the biggest and fastest 10K in the south; this year there were several thousand runners. It was the 33rd anniversary of this race.

The Victory ladies did well with Katie and Dee running PBs and Zoe completing her 1st ever 10 k race in a great time (hopefully many more to come)!

Jo led the ladies A team home looking good. All the results are below.

Allison has completed all 8 of the HRRL races so far this year so well done for that!
I can’t believe how quickly the running year is going with just 4 more races to go. So if you haven’t done one yet, what are you waiting for?! Come and join the fun! There are still places left in the last 3 races of the year: Alton 10 M, Netley 10 K and Lordshill 10 K. Ladies (chip) Times

Jo Gilholm 45:45
Zoe Gill 45:46 (1st 10 K)
Katie Lewis 50:38 PB

Helen Boiling 50:51
Allison Lowder 57:45
Becki Ralf 58:50

Lucy Cowlin 01:02:36
Bridget Main 01:05:38
Dee Sims 01:09:06 PB Marilyn Crocker 01:09:20
Sara Heath 01:19:00
Hazel Jenkinson 01:21:29
Mary Short 01:23:10

Mens team  Dave Lown

A nice early start for this race, the sun was trying to break through as we lined up near the start line. Again this year there were pacers and time boards up to ensure that runners would be able to position themselves appropriately for their pace - didn't hold much hope but was pleasantly surprised that the usual trying to get through the crowd didn't occur! I set off with Jo Gilholm and Zoe Gill, Brian Millo just in front, along the main road and right past the roundabout.

Generally a flat and fast course, we ran up the 'gentle' slope and back through to the 6km mark with a brisk South Westerly gently preventing a more rapid progress. At 7km, we passed the entrance to the finishing path to go around the houses, but still managed to shout much encouragement to Zack to best James Baker!

Back past the school and towards the park, it's easy to believe that the finish is just there - unfortunately it wasn't with another 600m to run.
Over the line I was looking forward to the obligatory fruit cake only to find it had be replaced by a banana!

All in all, a good race, not as scenic as others such as Stubbington.
Some great results with Paul Mitchinson (getting faster every race!), Dan Bailey, Dave Howard and our newest club member Matt Gill making up the A team.
Myself, Brian Millo,Martin Coles and John Cowlin made up the B team for the HRRL. Gary Heather, Malcolm Hagan and Neil Blanchard (with a PB - Well Done!) also finished strong with Graham Coleman unfortunately unable to finish.

HRRL update: In division 1, the Mens A team is in 9th with the B team in 3rd place in the Men's B division 2.

SALISBURY 10    9th April 2017
Ladies team   Helen Boiling

With just 4 races to go the pressure is on for our teams to maintain their positions!
I was hoping for 2 complete teams, unfortunately poor Marilyn succumbed to the dreaded flu and was unable to run, hope you’re feeling better Marilyn!
Allison chalked up her 9th race-just 3 more to go to complete all 12!

The day dawned as the hottest of the year so far, but we were all glad not to be running Brighton Marathon as other club members were!

A few of us left IBM at 08.00 and made good time to the Leisure centre headquarters.
Here we picked up our numbers and lovely race technical t- shirts without any hassle.
The race started and finished on a race track which is either loved (Beth) or not so loved (me)!

This race in Salisbury is a lovely course along country lanes; passing through small pretty villages.
There are a few undulations and thankfully the 2nd half was more shady. There wasn’t too much dodging traffic this year, and there were plenty of marshals to both direct us and cheer us on.

With the heat, we were all pretty happy to see the finish line where we received a medal and generous goody bag. Thanks to all who ran.
Current Victory ladies league positions are:
A team, division 1: 9th position (last year finish place was 7th after all 12 races)
B Team, division 1: 13th position (last tear finish place was 9th)
With just 3 races left, it will be great if we can have at least 6 runners in each race so that we can score for both teams.

Ladies Times Chip time results :
Helen Boiling    1:25:35
Beth Pirie    1:27:36
Shelly Butler    1:36:53

Allison Lowder     1:42:24
Bridget Main     1:54:35

Mens team  Martin Coles

I'm guest editor of the report this time, Dave said something about going to the seaside.....(Brighton Marathon!)

This is a superb race, very well organised with T shirt (nice) and medal (very nice) and goody bag (yummy), one of my favourites.

The weather forecast said it would be hot and boy, they were right! From the pleasant temperatures at the start it soon warmed up and as we were running the first half of the race in full sun, it would be fair to say we all had a glow about us.
Thankfully there was a little more shade on the return but a couple of hills so it didn't feel much of a relief.

The heat does tend to sap the strength so times were not as good as normal for many of us.
Dan had a great race for 7th overall with Paul, Neil and John M (in a PB I think!) completing the A Team.
Martin, Chris, Will and John C making up the B Team.

Mens Times
Name     Category    Position    Gun    Chip
Daniel Bailey    SEN     7     58:14:00    58:13:00
Paul Mitchinson     V35    45    63:27:00    63:25:00
Neil Tolfrey    V50    123    69:44:00    69:36:00
John Marenghi    V50    224    76:01:00    75:35:00 [PB]

Martin S Coles     V55    322    82:43:00    82:10:00
Chris Lowder    V40    339    83:31:00    83:12:00
Will Hahn-Griffiths    V45    372    85:09:00    84:33:00
John Cowlin    V40    377    85:17:00    84:13:00

Malcolm Hagan    V55    520    96:09:00    95:11:00
Mark Cooter    V55    580    01:41:49    01:40:56

ALTON 10    7th May 2017
Ladies team   Rachel Jarvis

An excellent turnout for the Alton 10 for the Victory ladies team. 11 ladies ran the race.

This can be quite a challenging course if it is a hot day as the race starts at 10.30 so we are running at one of the warmest parts of the day.
However it was our lucky day the ideal conditions made for a pleasant run along picturesque undulating country lanes whereas last year I would have described it as hot hilly roads.

Looking at last years results I and others were about 20 minutes faster than last year, so well done everyone . This was an enjoyable 10 mile race.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm     1:18:06
Helen Boiling     1:27:01
Kate Lewis     1:27:01

Lisa Emson     1:28:34
Michelle Butler     1:32:20
Lisa Slight     1:32:54

Rachel Jarvis     1:37:28
Clarice Warrior     1:40:45
Allison Lowder     1:44:08
Marilyn Crocker     1:50:07
Raman Sangha     1:55:12

Mens team  Martin Coles

Guest editing again!.

A cool start with less wind than of late made for good running conditions.
Remembering the heat from last year, it was a relief that we may be performing normally! Having said that, there were a couple of stand-out performances from Neil continuing his great from and John M, lopping 2 minutes off his PB.

The A team comprised Dan in a great 8th place, Dave, Neil and John M with the B team of Jim, Chris, Martin and John C. Most I spoke to were pleased with their performance, I know I was.

Mens Times
Position     Name    Category    Time
8    DANIEL BAILEY    Senior    00:57:22
44    DAVID HOWARD    M40    01:03:52
82    NEIL TOLFREY    M50    01:07:34
162    JOHN MARENGHI    M50    01:13:06 [PB]

217    JIM CLOW    M60    01:17:00
223    CHRISTOPHER LOWDER       M40 01:17:00
262    MARTIN COLES    M60    01:19:44
298   JOHN COWLIN    M40    01:21:58

405    MARK COOTER   M50    01:33:09

NETLEY 10k    21st May 2017
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

For the penultimate HRRL race of the season, the day promised warm, dry weather. I can’t believe the season's end is almost here!

We all met in the Royal Victoria Country Park to collect our numbers and chill out before the start.
11 Victory ladies ran and congratulations to Sue Gover on her 5th race in this, her 1st, season! Good to also see Belinda at her 1st for a few years which she enjoyed. Great to have an ‘A’ and ‘B’ team once again.

The race itself consists of 3 laps of a route around the country park so no traffic to contend with.
It was warm day with intermittent sun, so we puffed up the hill 3 times and enjoyed the downhills.

Well done to Jackie who led the ‘A’ team home and was 5th lady overall! Jo and Zoe made up the ‘A’ team with Helen, Belinda and Allison completing the ‘B’ team.
Allison just has one more now to complete the full set of 12 races! Finger crossed.

Ladies Chip Times
Jackie Lloyd     41:11
Jo Gilholm     45:36
Zoe Gill     46:35

Helen Boiling     52:14
Belinda Harding     55:47
Allison Lowder     58:52

Bridget Main     1:04:44
Lesley Allen     1:05:04
Marilyn Crocker     1:05:14
Deborah Clarke     1:11:52
Sue Gover     1:29:15

LORDSHILL 10k    25th June 2017
Ladies team  Allison Lowder

This week Helen has asked me to write up the Lordshill 10k on behalf of the Victory Ladies.
The reason that Helen asked me to do this write up may have something to do with the challenge that I set myself back in the summer of 2016. I decided to enter and complete all 12 races and I am proud to say that I achieved this goal today. Thank you to everyone from the club who has supported me along the way.

Lordshill was the final race for the 2016-2017 Hampshire Road Race League, which commenced back in September 2016.
It was a very warm day but fortunately the sun stayed tucked behind the clouds.
I would describe the course as undulating, and with hardly any traffic to contend with, it was a very pleasant run.
I felt it was very well organized race and the marshals were enthusiastic throughout the route.

13 ladies represented Victory at Lordshill – congratulations to you all but especially well done to Hannah Lowry who not only completed her first 10k race, attaining a PB, but she also headed up the A Team at 43.21 coming in 19th female overall.
Also well done to Sara Heath who achieved a PB.
Jo Gilham and me, Allison Lowder, made up the rest of the A Team. Rebecca Ralf, Raman Sangha and Lesley Allen completed the B Team.

Ladies Gun Times
HANNAH LOWRY    00:43:21
JO GILHOLM    00:45:44
ALLISON LOWDER    00:59:20

REBECCA RALF    01:00:52
RAMAN SANGHA    01:04:33
LESLEY ALLEN    01:05:29

BRIDGET MAIN    01:07:41
AMANDA COLES    01:15:21
SARA HEATH    01:14:53 [PB}
SUSAN GOVER    01:31:23
MARY SHORT    01:31:24

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