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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to half marathon.

2013/14 Season's Races


Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports

Captains Reports


Overton 5 mile

Victory 5 mile

Solent 1/2 marathon

Lordshill 10 mile

Gosport 1/2 marathon

Stubbington 10k

Ryde 10 mile

Salisbury 10 mile

Eastleigh 10k

Alton 10 mile

Netley Royal Victoria Country Park 10k

D-Day 10k

Saturday 7th September 2013

Sunday 15th September 2013

Sunday 13th October 2013

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Sunday 17th November 2013

Sunday 19th January 2014

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Sunday 9th March 2014

Sunday 23rd March 2014

Sunday 4th May 2014

Sunday 18th May 2014

Sunday 8th June 2014
2014 HRRL Results Round-Up

2013/14 Season Race Reports

OVERTON 5   7th September 2013
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm

A good start to the Hampshire Road Race League saw Victory Ladies sporting an A and B team, after a frantic worry as to whether anyone was actually attending!
Due to injuries, holidays, other events and the promise of wine on a half marathon the following day, numbers of available ladies was considerably down from previous years. However it was great to see Shelly returning to the ‘racing scene' in great form, and a rather splendid run by Katie Lewis who ran almost 4 minutes quicker than she expected to score for the ladies A team. Belinda's contribution whilst injured was invaluable, and a big thanks to Paula Russell and Mary who made up the B Team.
Not sure of placing in the league as of yet, but times were as follows:

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm  36.07 mins (really should have tried harder!)
Shelly Butler  37.23 mins
Katie Lewis  41.06 mins

Belinda Harding  41.33 mins
Paula Russell  50.19 mins
Mary Short  1.00.46

Very well done to the Men who had an excellent turn out and some great results.
Fudge brownies and flapjacks went down well after the race, and we were all finished and back in cars driving home before the heavens opened!

DON'T FORGET – Victory 5 is this coming Sunday.
No entries on the day.
There is a cycle event taking place that same morning, so car parking may be an issue – so get there early if you can.

Mens team  Martin Coles

The showery weather kindly allowed us to run the race in bright and warm sunshine and contributed to a perfect day for the Mens Team.
Paul stormed home in a new PB followed by Zack making his race debut for us in another PB, Dave Howard (welcome back) and Russ in his likely last appearance for us to log a great A team result.
The B Team was more tightly grouped than normal with Colin, Simon, Dave Morris and Jim turning in good times.
We had a great turn out - thanks gents - and the perfect bit was 8 men faster than me and the Victory A and B teams both top of their respective divisions, well done everyone!

I hope we have a similarly good turn out on Sunday at the Victory 5 - online entries are still being taken!

Mens Times
Position  Name  Cat  Time
 22    Paul Mitchinson  MS  00:28:32[PB]
 34    Zack Lahlal  MS  00:29:13 [PB]
 58    David Howard  M40  00:30:15
 61    Russell Coleman  MS  00:30:23

129    Colin O'Donnell  M55  00:33:23
166    Simon Turner  MS  00:34:26
167    David Morris  M55  00:34:28
203    Jim Clow  M60  00:35:32

235    Martin Coles  M55  00:36:28
240    Andrew Wright  M45  00:36:35
325    John Cowlin  M40  00:39:50
331    Graham Coleman  M60  00:40:07
375    John Russell  M55  00:42:42

VICTORY 5   15th September 2013
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm/Beth Pirie

Well, what a fantastic turn out the ladies managed for this second race of the League. 14 ladies braved the elements to run this event, after a busy week following Overton, the Long Handicap and the Test Way Relay. After being informed that a cycle event was also taking place that morning many of us turned up early,(as it turn out, probably unnecessarily!). It was quite a shock on entering the Mountbatten Centre at 9.30 am in bright sun shine, to emerge about an hour later to find black heavy clouds looming and that it was now blowing a gale! Any thoughts of going for a warm up along the foreshore were quickly suppressed and we decided on a few laps of the running track!
A change to the course this year saw us zig zagging around the IBM car park, following part of the course for the Lakeside 5K series, instead of the usual run round the back of the IBM lake. The wind was with us on the way out, but was certain not on the way back! I'm sure plenty of us thought at some point that our legs were moving, but we appeared to be going no where! The organiser advertised accurate mile markers, which I think was questionable, as I cannot believe for one minute that I am capable of running the fourth mile in any 5 mile race, into an intense head wind, for me, at the break neck speed of 6.20 mins per mile! After heading back into the stadium after battling along the foreshore, we had the frustration of running past the finish post and doing a final lap of the track before finally, and thankfully, finishing. Amazingly, some managed a PB, and another fantastic run by Katie Lewis saw her getting under 40 minutes, well under her time for Overton the previous week, and scoring for the A Team.
Also great runs from Shelley, Belinda and Helen Clarke who had also taken part in the Test Way Relay the previous day. Jackie Yarnold also came 1st in the W65 category – well done Jackie.
A really big thanks to all the ladies who took part – You do all count and your contributions are invaluable!
There appear to be a couple of nice photos taken by Suzy which have appeared on Facebook which hopefully can go on the website – although what Christine and Jennifer are up to in one photo is beyond me! There are also copious amounts of photos on the Ian Burnett Photography website you can look through. I must say we all look like we were making an effort!
PBs noted below plus Christine White, Maria Lush & Gerry Rock - you did equal your PB, could do 1 sec better!
Will up date you shortly as to our position in the League once they have been updated, but after Overton, I understand that our Ladies Team were in Second Place in both Divisions.
Next Race – Solent Half Marathon on the 13th October – Still plenty of time to enter and getting training!

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm  34.57 mins(I believe I may have matched my PB!)
Shelly Butler  36.34 mins (with tired legs!)
Katie Lewis  39.54 mins [PB]

Belinda Harding  42.05 mins
Helen Clarke  43.16 mins
Helen Mears  43.46 mins

Debbie Westbrook  44.44 mins [PB]
Jackie Yarnold  46.13 mins (1st W65)
Michelle Cooke    47.53 mins [PB]
Jennifer Lown  48.52 mins [PB]
Christine White  48.53 mins
Maria Lush  50.03 mins
Gerry Rock   50.10 mins
Andrea Collier  59.03 mins

Mens team  Martin Coles

It was a little chilly and there was a firm breeze blowing up the promenade as we were welcomed to the Mountbatten Centre.
Another great club turnout but this was a higher class field than Overton in this always popular 5 mile thrash up and down the prom.
Paul set another PB with a great run to lead us home with Dave, Colin and Simon rounding off the A Team. Jim, Martin, Richard and John formed the B Team.
My apologies to John for not mentioning his PB last week but wow, he did it again, knocking over a minute off.
At the time of writing the leagues had not been updated but we should still be highly placed.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Cat  Time
 24    Paul Mitchinson  MS  00:28:22[PB]
 52    David Howard  M40  00:29:44
123    Colin O'Donnell  M55  00:33:45
157    Simon Turner  MS  00:33:45

181    Jim Clow  M60  00:35:04
244    Martin Coles  M55  00:36:56
279    Richard Westbrook  M50  00:38:18
289    John Cowlin  M40  00:38:42 [PB]

310    Graham Foden  M60  00:39:48
325    Peter Bone  M55  00:40:36
410    Robert Edwards   M70  00:45:50

SOLENT HALF   13th October 2013
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm/Beth Pirie

There was another fantastic turnout for the Ladies Victory team at the 3rd Hampshire Road Race League event.
Eight wonderful female runners travelled to Fawley for the Solent Half Marathon on what at first threatened to be a wet and windy run.
The course was undulating and took in some lovely views across the Solent though I'm not sure who noticed these as all ladies worked incredibly hard to get round the challenging course.

There were some fantastic times with PBs from Jo, Katie, Christine and Maria.
I’m not sure if Jackie got a PB but she had a fantastic result in coming 2nd in her age group.

There were lots of smiley faces at the end and they were all very well deserved.

Ladies Times

Jo Gilholm   1.42.44[PB]
Shelly Butler    1.49.39
Beth Pirie    1.49.51

Katie Lewis    1.56.08 [PB]
Belinda Harding   2.05.16
Jackie Yarnold    2.11.41 [PB? but 2nd in age group]

Christine White   2.19.08 [PB]
Maria Lush    2.19.08 [PB]

Mens team  Martin Coles

A cool day but with the rain holding off until after the race, not a bad day for a long race.
There was a breeze from the north which was in our faces in the first few miles and the last couple of miles.
Once again Paul ran a great race to finish 13th overall and rack up yet another PB.

Dave H, Dave M and Jim completed the A team.
The B team comprised Martin, Tim with a PB as it was his first half, John with yet another PB to match Paul's start to the season and Adam.

The leagues are not yet updated so not sure what impact the results have.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Cat  Time
 13    Paul Mitchinson  MS  01:19:06.80[PB]
 42    David Howard  M40  01:25:07.20
123    David Morris  M50  01:35:14.45
132    Jim Clow  M60  01:36:35.45

174    Martin Coles  M50  01:40:39.70
245    Tim Cooper  M40  01:46:15.20 [PB]
278    John Cowlin  M40  01:49:43.10 [PB]
339    Adam Yarnold  MS  02:02:43.20

LORDSHILL   3rd November 2013
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm/Beth Pirie

What started out as a wet and miserable Sunday morning, turned out to be a lovely sunny morning, ideal for this race.
After a panic that we did not have enough for two teams, we cobbled together six ladies to participate for the Club.

Helen Whiting had a great start to her racing career, not long having joined the Club, but made a great effort to beat her PB at this distance.
The men also had a good turn out, and judging by the smiley faces at the end of the race, several of us had PB’s!

This year there were no water features to contend with, although the loop round the industrial estate at mile 8 dodging HGV’s was quite challenging!
The bad weather also held off until we were back at the car park to come home.

The Road Race league has not yet been updated, but having checked the Lordshill results, Helen Whiting does not show up as a Victory runner but rather as unattached, and we will therefore need to sort this out, otherwise this will effect the results.
Update to follow.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm    1.12.49 [PB]
Shelley Butler    1.18.15
Beth Pirie    1.20.34

Katie Lewis    1.24.19 [PB]
Helen Whiting    1.29.22 [PB]
Helen Clarke    1.30.09

Mens team  Martin Coles

Torrential rain while driving to Lordshill did not bode well especially after last year when we had to contend with flooded roads.
Luckily the rain soon stopped and although there was still a bit of breeze, the weather was pretty good for running, even the sun shone!
The course was a bit damp but no huge puddles.

Leading us home was Paul in a stunning new PB and 15th overall with Dave H, Mark (another one with a good PB) and Dave M making the A team.

The B team was Martin, John (yet another great PB), Tim and Graham F.
The leagues are not updated but I reckon we'll be 2nd or 3rd in A Div 2 and probably 2nd in B Div 2.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Cat  Time
 15    Paul Mitchinson  MS  00:57:50 [PB]
 51    David Howard  MV40  01:01:46
123    Mark Griffiths   MV40   01:07:33 [PB]
166    David Morris  MV55  01:09:09

268    Martin Coles  MV55  01:14:55
311    John Cowlin  MV40   01:17:54 [PB]
320    Tim Cooper  MV45  01:18:32
394    Graham Foden  MV60  01:24:53

421    Peter Bone  MV55  01:28:08
436    Graham Coleman  MV60  1:29:53

GOSPORT HALF   17th November 2013
Victory AC runners at Gosport Half Victory AC runners at Gosport Half
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm/Beth Pirie

The conditions on Sunday were perfect for the Gosport Half; cool but not cold and hardly a breeze which was to be a bonus on the exposed airfield and seafront.

There was another great turnout from the Victory ladies though a few were missed due to injuries...we hope those affected recover soon.

The steel band that was strategically placed in the airfield so that you passed them 4 times were a great boost.

Some fantastic times were achieved with more PBs.

I apologise if not all the results are listed; they have not yet been confirmed as some were missing or recorded as DNF due to interference from the radio/tv recording taking place along the route.
This means the HRRL tables have not yet been updated either so I will provide a further report next week and hopefully everyone will be included.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm    1.36.57 [PB]
Shelley Butler    1.46.55
Beth Pirie    1.49.55

Sophie Needham    1.57.42 [PB]
Helen Clarke    2.00.13 [PB]
Helen Mears    2.01.26

Maria Lush    2.13.33 [PB]
Christine White    2.18.36
Mary Short    2.28.29 [PB]

Mens team  Pete Bone

The fifth race of the Hampshire Road Race league, the Gosport half marathon, enjoyed ideal running conditions last Sunday.
The chill we felt as we stood waiting with 2,000 other runners didn’t last long as we set off around the flat course on a dry and windless day. This proved to be perfect for some excellent performances . Five of the nine Victory men recorded PBs, including Paul Mitchison who led the team home at a 5 mins 54 secs per mile pace.
Paul improved his Gosport half marathon time by 2 mins 13 secs compared to last year’s run. John also got a PB and his improvement from this race last year was a remarkable 7 mins 43 secs. PBs also for Tim, Richard and Peter, who was running his first half marathon since March 1988.
A special mention to Graham who was suffering badly with a calf problem but still managed to battle his way round.
Well done everyone!
To play a 10 minute game of 'spot the Victory runner' click here to see the view from the one mile marker.
To get annoyed with ITV’s over emphasis on a man in a tiger suit click here .
Next up in the Road Race league is the Stubbington 10K on 19th January. It fills early so get your entry in very soon.
Alex Wall-Clarke from Southampton Athletic Club was the men’s winner in 1 hr 7 mins 20 secs.
Hats off to Gosport Road Runners for excellent organisation and the best goody bag ever which was full of things which were actually really useful, mostly cake and chocolate bars!

Mens Times
Paul Mitchinson    1.17.16 [PB]
David Howard    1.22.19
Dave Morris    1.33.43
Tim Cooper    1.42.30 [PB]

Adam Yarnold    1.47.31
John Cowlin    1.46.41 [PB]
Richard Westbrook    1.48.15 [PB]
Peter Bone    1.59.02 [PB]

Graham Foden    2.07.26
Results above are chip times from the provisional listing and are subject to confirmation.

STUBBINGTON 10K   19th January 2014
Victory AC runners at Stubbington 10k
Ladies team  Jo Gilholm

Well, what a fantastic Victory Ladies turn out we had for this race!
18 ladies took part in this event which turned out to be a lovely sunny, dry morning despite all the rain over the previous few days.
There were only a few puddles to navigate on the course, which to me appeared to have more inclines than I previously recalled!

Chris Riddington stormed home first for the ladies in a fantastic time; great to see Lucy Smith returning to the 'racing scene'and a massive BIG THANKS and well done to all the other girlies who all ran fantastically well, many of whom ran PB's and whose contributions are invaluable!

Results: (after running around before training on Tuesday and checking who did PB's, I promptly lost the piece of paper with all the info on it! So, if I have missed anyone off, allocated a PB when I shouldn’t have, or didn’t when I should have (?), I apologise!)

Ladies Times
Position  Name    Chip Time

 262  Chris Riddington  42.18
 350  Jo Gilholm  43.59
 474  Lucy Smith  45.47

 558  Shelly Butler  46.49
 797  Helen Whiting  51.47
1120  Helen Mears  57.47

1219  Rachel Jarvis  58.55
1221  Michelle Cooke  58.58 [PB]
1226  Jackie Yarnold  59.03
1242  Paula Russell  59.55
1245  Christine White  1.00.07 [PB]
1246  Gill Dickin  59.31
1353  Maria Lush  1.03.05 [PB]
1355  Nicola Stott  1.02.50
1378  Marilyn Crocker  1.04.11
1385  Mary Short  1.04.41 [PB]
1416  Bridget Main  1.05.42
1421  Gerry Rock  1.06.18 [PB]

The Hampshire Road Race League has yet to be updated, so details of our progress will follow next week. Lets see if we can get as many running again for the Ryde 10 mile event on the 2nd February!

Mens team  Martin Coles

A great turn out as always for this very popular 10k blast around Stubbington and the surrounding area. It was a cool dry day, not much wind, ideal conditions for racing. Even the flooded section was easy to avoid - a handy pavement was available! Paul charged home first for the A Team with Dave hard on his heels with Jim and Simon making up the team. The B Team was headed home by Mark, with Martin, Tim and Adam fairly close behind. The A Team are now 4th in A Div 2 but the B Team are still 2nd in B Div 2.

Mens Times
Position  Name    HRRL Cat  Chip Time

  34   Paul Mitchinson   m snr  00:35:50
  45   David Howard  m 40  00:36:16
 324   Jim Clow  m 60   00:43:10
 341   Simon Turner   m snr  00:43:44

 472   Mark Hay  m 50  00:45:46
 520   Martin Coles  m 55  00:46:22
 552   Tim Cooper  m 45  00:46:57
 581   Adam Yarnold  m snr  00:46:33

 597   John Cowlin  m 40  00:47:54
 615   Andrew Wright  m 50   00:48:21
 787   John Russell  m 60   00:51:12
 852   Graham Foden  m 65    00:52:38
 887   Graham Coleman  m 60   00:52:36
 910   Peter Bone  m 55   00:52:41
1076   Malcolm Hagan   m 50   00:55:34
1244   Robert Edwards  m 70   00:59:35

RYDE 10   2nd February 2014

Results for Ryde 10
Ladies team Beth Pirie

Considering the awful weather both before and after last Sunday we were incredibly lucky to have almost perfect conditions for the Ryde 10m. The sea was calm on the ferry crossing, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and there was little wind.
We had another great turnout with 8 ladies making the journey over to the island.

This run is a tough little number with very little of it being flat.
Everyone knows of the long steep climbs both in the first and eight miles but I had forgotten about the constant undulating roads in between!
Somehow though that is usually forgotten in the last mile when there is a very long down hill before you finally get on some flat surface to the finish line.

Apologies as I do not know everyone's PBs, however I do know from a very delighted Mary on the ferry home that she did get a new one on Sunday...well done Mary!

The Hampshire Road Race League tables are not being udpated until Friday, however looking at the results, I am quite confident in that our ladies A team will remain at the top of Division 2; fingers crossed for our B team for the same result. I will give an full update next week.

Ladies Times
Name     Time

Christine Riddington    1:14:52
Shelly Butler    1:19:04
Beth Pirie    1:23:39

Helen Clarke    1:36:27
Paula Russell    1:40:23
Nicola Stott    1:43:56

Marilyn Crocker    1:47:40
Mary Short    1:49:41 [PB]

The next HRRL event is the Salisbury 10m on Sunday 9th March 2014.
If you can run please do enter as we will be short of ladies due to the Grizzly being on the same day.
Entries also still open for the Eastleigh 10km on Sunday 23rd March 2014.

Mens team Martin Coles

We seem to be lucky with the weather for the races lately, amidst all the downpours and gales we get little windows of respite to run!
It was cold but bright with a chilly breeze - great running weather - for our annual jaunt across the Solent for probably the hilliest race in the league.

Travelled by car (thanks John) which was a definite improvement on that long cold walk down the seafront to and from the catamaran.

Jim cruised round to lead us home by a large margin with Martin, John C, and John R making up the A team.
Malcolm was the sole member of the B team.

The leagues have not been updated yet but I suspect a slide for both teams, depending on whether the other teams around us also had depleted teams.

Mens Times
Position  Name     Cat   Time

157    Jim Clow  M60  01:14:05
274    Martin Coles  M50  01:21:31
283    John Cowlin  M40  01:22:32
355    John Russell  M60  01:31:13

362    Malcolm Hagan  M50  01:32:32

SALISBURY 10   Sunday 9th March 2014

Ladies team Jo Gilholm

Due to the large number of ladies taking part in the Grizzly, we only managed to field a team of three ladies for this event, only enough for an A Team.

The sun was out and made for a very warm race.

In her first race for Victory, Gemma Corbett ran an amazing race, coming home 5th Lady overall.

Lucy put us all to shame by not only running an amazingly quick time, but then after collecting her T-shirt and having a quick drink, 'disappeared' to continue with her marathon training running off in to the distance to complete another 10 miles or so.
I barely made it over the line, not having had a good race at all!

Ladies Times
Position   Name     Gun time    Chip Time

112   Gemma Corbett     1.07.41   1.07.36
260   Lucy Smith     1.15.12   1.14.36
328   Jo Gilholm      1.18.15   1.17.42

Mens team Martin Coles

Easily the hottest day of the year so far for this always pleasant trot up and down the river.
It was warm work but Paul had a great run for 23rd overall and another sub 60 minute time to bring us home. He was ably supported by Dave H, Dave M and Jim to make the A team with the incomplete B team of Dave L (with a PB!), Martin and Malcolm at least getting a score.
The leagues are not yet updated but little change expected for the A team although the B team may drop down a place or 2.

Mens Times
Position  Name     Cat   Time

 23   Paul Mitchinson     MS   00:59:55
 42   Dave Howard     M40   01:02:16
218   Dave Morris     M50   01:12:44
225   Jim Clow     M60   01:13:11

226   Dave Lown     MS   01:13:45 [PB]
427   Martin Coles     M50   01:22:43
572   Malcolm Hagan     M50   01:32:52

EASTLEIGH 10K   Sunday 23rd March 2014
Ladies team Beth Pirie

Weather conditions were almost perfect on Sunday morning for the Eastleigh 10K. Unfortunately I was unable to run but attended in order to shout, cheer and clap as loud as I could, supporting Victory runners.

We have had such a good turnout at the Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) events this year, although numbers were a little low at Salisbury due to the Grizzly. Again at Eastleigh we had a superb group of ladies who each had different reasons for running and not just for points for the HRRL, be it for their own PB or just to get round.
The weather conditions were so good it was inevitable that some PBs were to be achieved on this popular, fast course. Well done to all who took part, you were all fantastic and did the blue Victory vests proud. I apologise if I’ve missed any PBs!

On the league front, the ladies A team (first 3 runners in each event, so different names for each run) are currently top of Division 2 and are looking strong to remain there after the Eastleigh results are submitted; dare we dream of promotion!?!
The B team (4th, 5th and 6th runners' points in each race) are currently a close 2nd in their Division 2 so with just 3 events left, it could be a double celebration!

The next HRRL event is the Alton 10m on 11 May 2014. It would be great to see another good turnout from Victory female runners; if you haven’t run at these before please chat to either Jo Gilholm or me…all standards welcome!

Ladies Times
Name     Gun time

Gemma Corbett     40.03 [PB]
Jo Gilholm     43.21
Alabama Pirie     49.21 [PB]

Shelly Butler     49:23
Helen Clarke     51.52
Jackie Yarnold      57.28

Maria Lush     1.00.01 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker      1.04.06
Bridget Main      1.03.48 [PB]

Mary Short      1.06.19

Mens team Martin Coles

Cooler than of late but a good temperature for a fast gallop around Eastleigh, we even had some sunshine!
It was a bit breezy in the last couple of K which may have taken an edge off some times but that didn't stop a couple of our intrepid Victory Runners from setting a PB.
There has to be an irony though that the B & Q sponsored race was won by a guy called Wicks!

Paul set the pace for us by leading the team home with Dave H, Dan and Dave L (PB) making up the rest of the A team.
Hard on their heels though was Dave M, Simon and Jim with Martin a little further back making up the B team.
John also got a PB reflecting his strong running of late.
The leagues are not yet updated but little change expected from A Div 2 4th and B Div 2 2nd.

Mens Times
Position  Name     Cat   Chip Time

 106     Paul Mitchinson   Male Senior   00:35:32
 118     Dave Howard   M40-44   00:36:02
 253     Dan Bailey   Male Senior   00:39:09
 414     Dave Lown   M35-39   00:41:44 [PB]

 422     Dave Morris   M55-59   00:41:48
 446     Simon Turner   M35-39   00:42:09
 488     Jim Clow   M60-64 00   00:42:35
 768     Martin Coles   M55-59   00:46:07

 876     John Cowlin   M40-44   00:47:34 [PB]
1034     Adam Yarnold   M35-39   00:49:02
1362     Graham Coleman   M60-64   00:53:02
1549     Malcolm Hagan   M50-54   00:54:14

ALTON 10   Sunday 11th May 2014
Ladies team Jo Gilholm

Well, what a fantastic effort by the Victory Ladies at this event. On arriving for the start of the race, the wind was blowing a gale and the sky was threatening rain, and many a discussion was had about how many additional layers of clothing may be required to run in!

The start of this race was a bit of a squash and this is an event that really could benefit from Chip timing. Many of us had horrible memories of this event, having run it in the baking heat last year. However, everyone gave their all and did the Club proud.

Gemma Corbett stormed home 5th lady overall in a cracking time of 1 hour 8 mins and 4 seconds, with Lucy and myself a 'little' further back coming in together (all the credit for that being given to Lucy and her fantastic pacing – with the aid of her trusty Garmin). Shelly and Helen looked great coming across the line, and we were all amazed to see Beth finishing in under 1 hour 35 minutes having turned up to run/walk the race, having fallen over the week previously and dislocated her shoulder. She ran with Alabama who was competing in her first 10 mile race and did fantastically well. Rachel Jarvis, Paula Russell and Marilyn all finished in good time to make up the team.

Another BIG thank you all for taking part, your contributions are invaluable.

Also big thanks to Graham and Kevin who appeared at various stages of the race to shout encouraging words as we raced round.

Ladies Times
Name     Gun time

Gemma Corbett      1.08.04
Lucy Smith      1.14.47
Jo Gilholm      1.14.47

Shelly Butler      1.22.13
Helen Clarke      1.27.18
Beth Pirie      1.34.52

Alabama Pirie     1.34.52
Rachel Jarvis     1.40.31
Paula Russell     1.43.43

Marilyn Crocker      1.44.23

Mens team Martin Coles

Quite a cold day with a chilly wind for this undulating race making it tough for many of us.
The hills on the last half of the race just keep on coming and even the slightly undulating last mile through Holybourne was tougher into the wind.

Paul had a cracking race to finish 13th overall in another sub 60 time - great running in the conditions! He was followed by Dave H, Dave M and Martin making up the A team. Our B team was incomplete with John C, Malcolm and John R.

The leagues are not updated yet but I would not expect any improvement.

Sorry to say I will not be at Netley this coming weekend - my sons stag night the day before and I don't think I'll be a fit state to run!

Mens Times
Position  Name     Cat   Time

  15      Paul Mitchinson   MS   00:59:41
  50     Dave Howard   M40    01:05:04
150      Dave Morris   M50    01:12:35
264      Martin Coles    M50    01:20:06

310     John Cowlin    M40    01:22:48
357      Malcolm Hagan    M50    01:26:44
378      John Russell    M60    01:28:54

NETLEY 10k   Sunday 18th May 2014
Victory AC runners at Netley 10k
Ladies team Jo Gilholm

Whilst my fellow team captain was off participating in a mere 50 mile race over the North Downs Way(!), myself and 4 other Victory Ladies battled round the Netley 10K in the sweltering heat. Lucy and Marilyn were still recovering from the effects of running the relay the previous day, but still ran extremely well. Mary Short and Bridget Main made up the rest of the team, and ran great times having a race within a race with each other! Disappointingly the website indicated that the race was full and no entries were being accepted on the day. However on arriving at the event, this was not in fact the case, which did cause some annoyance as I know there were other Victory Ladies who may have taken part at short notice, and meant we could field two complete teams. We must wait and see how that might have affected the league results, and an update will follow shortly. The D-Day 10k is on the 8th June at 11 am. Please enter this race as soon as possible as entries are not accepted on the day, and it is likely to book up fast.

Ladies Times

Name     Chip time

Jo Gilholm      44 mins
Lucy Smith      44.03 mins
(both our watches saying we both finished together 43.59)
Marilyn Crocker     64.38 mins

Bridget Main      68.27 mins
Mary Short      68.43 mins

Ladies team Beth Pirie

Wow, what a scorcher!
With the race not starting until 11am, the sun was shining strongly amongst the California blue sky.
Runners were perspiring heavily just after their warm ups and were ensuring cover in the shade was taken with plenty of fluids being taken before they headed to the start line.
Due to injury, with both us us twisting our ankles the day before, Shelly and me were finding it too hot just supporting on the sidelines!
This was the last race in the Hampshire Road Race League and coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the race and the 70th D Day anniversary made it a very popular occasion. Everyone who took part need to be applauded for the effort made in the intense heat, however I do want to make a special mention for Marilyn who had also ran in the South Downs Way 100m relay the previous day; what that lady will do to pull on the Victory vest is quite amazing.
The race results were superb, with an astonishing time by Gemma and the first 3 VAC ladies being the 2nd ladies team overall.
Shelly and me really enjoyed supporting everyone, especially at the finish line where we were just so impressed with the determination shown by everyone. Some runners say 'we won't be running fast'. I can tell you, the effort made by those finishing over 50 or 60 minutes was certainly no less than those under 45 minutes.
We were extremely proud of everyone wearing the Victory vest on Sunday. Well done to everyone that took part.
The final season's results for the HRRL are yet to be published, but I will send an additional update as soon as they are.

Ladies Times

Name     Chip time

Gemma Corbett      39.26 4th senior lady :  PB?
Lucy Smith      44.29
Jo Gilholm      45.05   3rd female veteran 40

Alabama Pirie      54.56   2nd Junior female
Dawn Ingram      57.30
Christine White      58.04

Nicola Stott      1.01.06
Maria Lush      1.06.23
Mary Short      1.07.17

Marilyn Crocker     1.11.21   2nd female veteran 65

well done all.

Full results from FullOnSport website

Ladies team Jo/Beth

The results of the Road Race League have now been finalised.
After the 10th race at Alton the league results showed the Ladies B team in second place in their Division with a strong possibility of promotion.

The Ladies A team looked uncertain – notwithstanding that we had been at the top of the league nearly all season, there was the threat from IOW RR and New Forest clubs to pip us at the post.
Frustratingly the Netley results took an age to be entered on the league results, adding to the uncertainty.
Everything came down to the last race being the D-Day 10k.

Worryingly we spied an extremely fast New Forest female who as it turned out came 2nd lady.
New Forest did not however field a complete team, and with our Gemma and Lucy running fantastically well, we had a great score which assured our promotion.

Both Ladies A and B teams are now promoted to Division 1!
This is a fantastic achievement for which we should all be extremely proud.

There has been a fantastic turn out of Victory ladies over the season entering one or more races, and every ones contribution is invaluable.

As a reminder, the Road Race League is open to everyone.
If you ran any of the events this year, why not make it your goal next season to try and better some or all of your previous times.
If there are races that you have never tried, give it a go!

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