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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to 20 miles.
For information and details about the current season's races please visit the main HRRL page

2012/13 Season Race Reports

OVERTON 5   1st September 2012
Ladies team  Belinda.

The first race of the new season in Division 2, had a small number of ladies running due to other commitments (The Beast and Paralympics to name a few), but we did manage an A and B Team.
The course reverted back to the 'old course' of anticlockwise, but still had hills !!!
The sun shone and it was very hot and 'air-less' making running very hard .
Both Mary and Gerry knocked 4 mins off their times from last year. Well done - no pressure for the rest of the season!!!

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington  34.34
Belinda Harding  40.38
Marilyn Crocker  46.57

Gerry Rock  54.32
Maria Lush  54.32
Mary Short  58.48

The next race is the Victory 5 mile on the 16th September.
This year the race is chipped timed. Hope to see you there.

Mens team  Martin.

The season opener was held in warm sunshine as it often is and the course returned to it's traditional direction. I must admit I preferred it the wrong way round, the hills seem worse this way! Not a great team turnout with only 5 men - nearly worse as Dave unpacked his shoes to reveal 2 right footed shoes which is strange as I was told he had 2 left feet, at least while dancing! His dedication to the cause is such that he purchased a new pair there and then and turned in a great run, despite the blisters, to record a PB. Russ ran a great race to lead the team home with Jim, Dave and Martin making up the A team.
We had no B team result as only Graham C was there as well.
So we're actually 5th in A Div 2 and amongst the many teams in B Div 2 who failed to field a team.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
 17    Russell  Coleman: 00:29:11
 82    Jim Clow  00:34:22
108    David Lown  00:36:33 [PB]
110    Martin Coles  00:36:37

147    Graham Coleman  00:41:00

VICTORY 5   16th September 2012
Ladies team  Belinda.

It was an excellent turnout for the race on a day, and the conditions for running were perfect. This year the race was chip timed and also ran alongside the inaugural Victory 10K, but this was not a HRRL event.
11 ladies ran in the Victory 5, with Christine and Helen running their first Victory 5 road race.

The final lap of the athletic track seemed to go on forever, and I know some of us wondered if it we were ever going to cross the finish line was ever going to end for us to collect our memento of a gold running boot (all left footed!).

The league tables have not yet been updated, so I can not comment if our position from the first race has changed. The next race is the Solent Half Marathon a lovely course winding through the New Forest around Exbury and along the Solent shore at Lepe on the 14th October. Hope to see you there, this race is also chip timed.

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington  33.54
Jo Gilholm  35.48
Belinda Harding  39.16

Nicola Stott  43.19
Glynne Parsons  43.55
Helen Clarke  44.25

Marilyn Crocker  46.14
Christiene White  51.17
Gerry Rock  51.24

Maria Lush  51.30
Mary Short  56.36

Mens team  Martin.

A great turn out for this race in cloudy conditions, slightly cooler than of late.
We fielded a strong team with Dan leading us home in overall 14th with Russ not far behind and Paul and Tom (in a new PB) completing the A Team.
The B Team comprised Simon, Dave, Mark (all with PBs) and Martin.
The leagues are not updated yet but I am expecting an improvement in our standing for both A and B teams.

Mens Times
Position    Gun Time  Chip Time
 14  Dan Bailey  00:26:57  00:26:57
 23  Russell Coleman  00:28:05  00:28:00
 67  Paul Mitchinson  00:30:01  00:29:56
143  Tom Stott  00:33:09  00:32:56 [PB]

181  Simon Turner  00:34:24  00:33:51 [PB]
212  David Lown  00:35:13  00:34:54 [PB]
247  Mark Hay  00:36:27  00:36:12 [PB]
254   Martin Coles  00:36:39 00:36:21

319  Graham Coleman  00:39:12  00:38:56
334  Graham Foden  00:39:52  00:39:26
442  Robert Edwards  00:48:34  00:47:44
493  Rob Davies  01:00:52  00:59:59

SOLENT HALF MARATHON   14th October 2012
Ladies team  Belinda.

Despite the weather forecast earlier on in the week for rain and wind it was totally the opposite with a lovely sunny, crisp and chilly morning. The Ladies team had a dismal turnout of 4 for the Solent Half Marathon. Despite the poor turnout we all finished and collected our 'red boot bags' (apart from Carol). I had a poor race due to a calf injury, but the rest of the team excelled. Marilyn played hockey on Saturday followed by running in the X-C league, Nicola ran her best ever Solent Half time and Carol who was running her first club event for a couple of years (with a stinking cold) came first in her age category. Well done Carol. I do not know if our position in the league has changed as the results are not out on the HRRL page. Our next Road Race is Lordshill 10 mile on the 4th November - which is a flattish course (no steep hills). Please try and support the ladies team.

Ladies Times
Name   Gun Time  Chip Time
Belinda Harding  1.49.59  1.49.47
Nicola Stott  2.06.39  2.06.25
Marilyn Crocker  2.12.42  2.12.22

Carol Tolfrey  2.22.58  2.22.43

Mens team  Martin.

This turned out to be a glorious day for running: sunny, not too warm, hardly any wind. We were rewarded with great views especially when we reached the coast and many of us ran very well indeed on what is renowned as a hard course. Paul ran under 80 minutes for the first time to lead us home in 14th place overall with Dave Howard, Neil and Martin (PB by 2 seconds) making the A team. The B team was Mark Hull, Malcolm Hagan, Gary Heather (another one with a great new PB) and Graham Coleman. Performance of the day was from Kevin who knocked 13 minutes off his his previous best and Rob rounding off a good mens team turn out. The leagues are not updated yet.

Mens Times
Gun Position  Name  Category  Chip Time
14    Paul Mitchinson  MS  01:19:45 [PB]
36    David Howard  M40  01:25:27
113  Neil Tolfrey  M45  01:35:30
154  Martin Coles  M55  01:40:03 [PB]

156  Mark Hull  MS   01:40:21
227  Malcolm Hagan  M50  01:48:09
276  Gary Heather  M45  01:55:56 [PB]
294  Graham Coleman  M60  01:58:59

317  Kevin McTaggart  M55  02:06:16 [PB]
370  Robert Davies  M65  02:40:20

LORDS HILL 10   4th November 2012
Ladies team  Belinda.

Travelling down to Lordshill, the weather was atrocious with driving rain. But there was a respite walking to the race HQ. Waiting in the school for the start the rain came down again and, on the start line we were all told that due to the wet weather they had to re-route the course. They cut out the lap of the field and the race finished in the car park.
The route itself was more like a cross country race than a road race as the water at times was nearly knee deep (well not quite - up to mid calf at least). One flood seemed to go on for ages and we had to run through it twice. I think I counted 4 or 5 flood in all we had to run through.
As for the ladies team, we only had 4, only enough for a A team. Jo had an excellent race knocking a whooping 3 mins of her PB, while Helen knocked a mega 10 mins of her PB - well done to both of you. I had a shoelace problem due to the floods and had to stop twice to re-tie them, so I lost a bit of time.

Ladies Times

Jo Gilholm  1.15.07 [PB]
Belinda Harding  1.24.00
Beth Pirie  1.26.09

Helen Clarke  1.28.06 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker  1.40.38

Mens team  Martin.

For some reason this race is often very wet and this year was no exception. The groan from the assembled runners in receiving the news that the course had been changed to avoid the worst flooding was for the fact that it was no longer a certified 10 miles - more about that later. I can't imagine what the bit they cut out was like but parts of the course were awful, the worst part being a 100m stretch of a lane which was now a shallow stream about 4 inches deep. Made my feet very cold and worst of all, we had to run through it again on the way back!
We had a good team out and Dan was overall 8th with a great run. Paul set - would have set - a big PB to finish 22nd overall, Russ not far behind with Dave completing the A Team. Jim with yet another 1st M60 prize, Martin and John made the incomplete B Team. The leagues are not updated yet.

Mens Times
Position    Category  Time
  6  Dan Bailey  MS  00:56:22
 22  Paul Mitchinson  MS  00:59:07
 32  Russell Coleman  MV35  01:00:48
160  Dave Morris  MV55  01:10:37

161  Jim Clow  MV60  01:10:50 1st M60
241  Martin Coles  MV55  01:16:02
333  John Cowlin  MV40  01:26:02

GOSPORT HALF MARATHON   18th November 2012
Ladies team  Belinda.

On a glorious sunny day with blue skies (after the frost had cleared) the conditions were excellent for running - no puddles or floods which was a huge contrast when running the Lordshill 10 a couple of weeks ago. It was a good turnout for the ladies team and we had enough running for an A and B Team.

Jackie Yarnold ran a PB, Nicola was running her first race since her Marathon a couple of weeks ago, while Marilyn drove all the way from Devon in the morning to race. Well done to all the teams for putting in a star performances.

The league tables have not been updated yet, so I can not comment on our position in the league.

Our next race is the Stubbington 10K which closes for entries on the 1st December and it already has 1,800 entries so please if you are wanting to enter please do it sooner rather than miss out on this excellent race.

Ladies Times
Name            Gun    Chip
Belinda Harding  1.46.55  1.46.01 [SB]
Beth Pirie  1.55.57  1.54.24
Helen Clarke  2.03.53  2.02.04 [PB]

Jackie Yarnold  2.07.07  2.05.33 [PB]
Nicola Stott  2.08.13  2.06.23
Maralyn Crocker  2.11.53  2.10.12

Mary Short  2.47.25  2.44.44

Mens team  Martin.

This must have been almost the most perfect day for running - sunny and bright, cool but not freezing, dry (no big puddles), barely a whisper of wind - and crucially what little breeze there was behind you on the seafront stretch towards the finish. A real shame that I couldn't take advantage as my legs went in the final mile! Paul set another PB leading us home with Dave H (welcome back), Dave M and Simon (great time for your first half) making the A team. Jim, Mark (debut for the team), Neil and Martin forming the B team. Our final 3 also setting PBs, Adam (another debutant), Andrew and John.

The leagues are not yet updated but we are currently 4th in A Div 2 and 3rd in B Div 2.

Special mention for Jim who became Hampshire RRL Half Marathon Champion for 2012 - well done mate!

Mens Times
Position    Category  Time
 63  Paul Mitchinson  MS    01:19:29 [PB]
118  David Howard  M40-44  01:23:43
362  Dave Morris  M55-59  01:33:36
377  Simon Turner  MS  01:34:39 [PB]

380  Jim Clow  M60-64  01:34:30
417  Mark Griffiths  M40-44  01:35:47 [PB]
441  Neil Tolfrey  M45-49  01:36:26
554  Martin Coles  M55-59  01:40:15

602  Adam Yarnold  MS  01:40:57 [PB]
770  Andrew Wright  M45-49  01:46:38 [PB]
990  John Cowlin  M40-44  01:54:25 [PB]

STUBBINGTON 10K   20th January 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

The race was only confirmed as 'on' Saturday p.m because of the snow and icy conditions. However, the snow did put in an entrance, but it was light snow but enough to cover the road in some places on the route. It was very, very cold waiting to start, but quite pleasant when we got going, and I wished I had not worn quite so many layers!.

We had a great turn out for the Ladies teams with 14 of us braving the cold weather and probably wondering 'why are we doing this?'.

Sarah Swift was running in her first RR for the club and ran an excellent time of 47.44, just behind Chris and Jo. A few PB's were gained by Sarah, Helen, Maria, Christine W and Jackie. Apologies if I have missed anyone out for PB's.

We are still 4th in Division 2, but the B Team have moved up to 2nd in Division B 2.

Well done to all of you.
See you all at the Ryde 10.

Ladies Times
Name            Gun    Chip
Chris Riddington  42.29  42.23
Jo Gilholm  45.36  45.29
Sarah Swift  48.29  47.44 [PB]

Belinda Harding  50.04  49.55
Helen Clarke  52.15  51.27 [PB]
Jackie Yarnold  56.28  55.43 [PB]

Helen Mears  56.54  55.45
Nicola Stott  59.54  58.44
Marilyn Crocker  1.01.24  1.00.37
Paula Russell  1.04.07  1.02.38
Maria Lush  1.07.21  1.06.00 [PB]
Christine White  1.07.21  1.06.00 [PB]
Geraldine Rock  1.07.44  1.06.23
Mary Short  1.18.09  1.16.44

Mens team  Martin.

There was doubt that this race would be held after the snow on the Friday and I was quite surprised to see that it would go ahead as planned. However apart from one section through Titchfield Common, the roads were completely clear although it was very cold and snowing while we ran.

We had a good team out and Dan galloped round for 5th place (not quite sure if it was a PB) in a great time. Paul, Russell and Dave H all placed well for a good A team result, 2nd best in the Division on the day. Dave L in a great new PB lead the B team home with Simon, Adam and Chris all recording PBs to score.

We are still 5th in A Div 2 and also 5th in B Div 2 - it's going to very tough to get promotion this year!

My apologies if I have marked PBs incorrectly, I'm sure John G will put me right!

Mens Times
Position  Cat  Time
  5  Daniel Bailey  MS  00:33:16 [PB]
 27  Paul Mitchinson  MS  00:36:14
 30  Russell Coleman  MS  00:36:30
 42  David Howard  M40  00:37:28

148  David Lown  MS  00:42:55 [PB]
162  Simon Turner  MS  00:43:25 [PB]
320  Adam Yarnold  MS  00:44:19 [PB]
207  Chris Lowder  MS  00:44:41 [PB]

213  Andrew Wright  M40  00:46:09 [PB]
255  Mark Hay  M50  00:47:43
256  John Cowlin  M40  00:48:52 [PB]
266  Richard Westbrook  M50  00:48:27
271  Martin Coles  M50  00:49:53
301  Roy Marshall  M50  00:53:10
326  John Russell  M50  00:56:25
348  Robert Davies  M65  01:22:36

RYDE 10   3rd February 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

On a blustery cold day 9 of us made the journey across the Solent for the Ryde 10 mile road race, enough for an A and B team which was brilliant.

This was the first time the race was chip timed. Jo, Beth, Helen, Donna and Jackie all ran their socks off to get PB's. A few of us were faster than last year and I was even faster than the Great South last year - and that was flat!!

We must all congratulate Jackie who was first in her age category - well done Jackie, you are getting faster and faster.

In Division 2 (A) we remain fourth, but the 'B' Division 2, we are in first position.

The next RR is the Bramley 20 miles, we usually only manage to put in an 'A' team so if you feel like a nice 20 miler (2 laps) on this scenic route please enter.

Ladies Times

Name        Race time  Chip time
Jo Gilholm   1.16.03  1.15.51 [PB]
Beth Pirie  1.20.41  1.20.27 [PB]
Belinda Harding  1.21.59.  1.21.45
Helen Clarke  1.27.55  1.27.39 [PB]
Donna Reid  1.33.24  1.33.04 [PB]
Jackie Yarnold  1.36.11  1.35.52 [PB]
Nicola Stott  1.37.35  1.37.00
Marilyn Crocker  1.38.35  1.38.16
Carol Tolfrey  1.44.40  1.44.16

Mens team  Martin.

We seldom get a good turn out for this annual jaunt across the Solent and this year was no exception! Just 5 hardy souls ran which meant we had no B Team.

It was quite chilly and with a bit of wind, wasn't quite the best conditions but not bad.

It is a tough course with 3 major climbs and you need to be on top of your game to run well here.

Results were impressive with Paul clocking under 60 minutes to finish 13th overall, Adam in his first Ryde 10 running strongly and John finally running a legitimate 10 miler to register a PB and a good one at that!

We are still 5th in both A Div 2 and B Div 2.

Mens Times

Position        Name  Cat  Time
 13  Paul Mitchinson  MS  0:59:54
143  Adam Yarnold  MS  1:16:28
199  John Cowlin  M40  1:22:20[PB]
213  Martin Coles  M50  1:24:19
242  Malcolm Hagan  M50  1:27:18

BRAMLEY 20   17th February 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

Arriving in Bramley for this 2 lap race, the conditions were slightly miserable with a light fog and damp air. However the sun came out to make the lrace more enjoyable - if a 20 mile race can be called enjoyable!

We had only one team this time with only myself, Nicola and Marilyn running. However we all finished and all of us were pleased with our times. I was really pleased with my time as myself (and Marilyn) had run the day before in the re-scheduled X-C at Parliament Hill, which was a muddy, hilly tough 8K.

Our position has not changed in Div 2, and we are trailing Lordshill by 6 points, but we still have 4 more races this season to see if we can overtake them. Our next race is the Salisbury 10 on the 10th March.

Ladies Times

Name        Gun time  Chip time
Belinda Harding  2.50.40   2.50.13
Nicola Stott  3.28.47   3.27.03
Marilyn Crocker  3.33.14   3.31.47

Mens team  Martin.

A very small turnout as usual and this year not a full team again. Quite a pleasant day as the early cloud cleared to leave it sunny and warmer than previous years.

Paul turned in a great run to set a new PB and Malcolm also ran better than he expected to record his best time for years. I won't mention my race - just look at the time.

Position        Name  Cat  Time
 39  Paul Mitchinson  MS  02:07:13 [PB]
560  Malcolm Hagan  M50  03:01:11
745  Martin Coles  M55  03:37:32

SALISBURY 10   10th March 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

A very chilly morning brought myself, Jo and Helen to Salisbury for the road race.

It was really cold running as the wind was bitter, but at least it did not rain which was a blessing.
We were low in numbers because of most of the regular 'team' were down in Devon running The Grizzly.
Jo and Helen both ran PB's, well done to both of you.

The leagues have been updated and we are = third.
Our next race is the Eastleigh 10k on the 24th March.

Ladies Times

Name        Gun time  Chip time
Jo Gilholm   115.11   115.00
Belinda Harding  123.00   122.48
Helen Clarke  124.11   123.59

Mens team  Martin.

Another cold race but not freezing so time to 'man-up' and strip down and thankfully it was OK. The wind made my face freeze but otherwise conditions were pretty good for racing. Good facilities and organisation on the day made it smooth running for all. Paul streaked home in a new PB and 19th overall and was probably half way home when I finished with John not far behind with a brilliant PB (told you so) and the A team rounded off by Graham who we don't see often enough! Malcolm was our only other runner so no B team result. The A team is now 6th in A Div 2 and the B team is 7th in B Div 2. Mens Times

Note - the positions are the HRRL ones as I can't access the full results on my work PC.

HRRL Position     Cat        Time
 19   Paul Mitchinson     MS        00:58:42[PB]
156   Martin Coles     M55        01:19:17
160   John Cowlin     M40        01:20:34[PB]
177   Graham Foden     M60        01:27:15
180   Malcolm Hagan     M50        01:30:47

EASTLEIGH 10k   March 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

This is the last Road Race until May, and on a very cold morning we had enough runners for an 'A' and 'B' team. Alabama and Bridget were making their debuts in the Road Race League for the Club, and Alabama was running her first 10k with an excellent time, scoring for the 'B' team, well done and congratulations. Also congratulations to Marilyn who not only ran 'two races' (a mix up with chip and numbers, see VAC f/b) but ran a W65 Club record and 'knocked' 5 mins off last years time. Other PB's were run as well, and I feel that I have let the 'team' down by not running a PB by 1 min 26 secs. I do have an excuse though as I ran 13 miles on Saturday. With only two races left for this season, the A team are still fourth in the Division 2, and the B team in Division B (2) remain third.

Ladies Times

Name    Gun  Chip
Jo Gilholm    43.54  43.37 [PB]
Sarah Swift    46.13  45.52 [PB]
Beth Pirie    48.00  46.35 [PB]
Belinda Harding    50.34  49.47
Albama Pirie    52.18  50.52 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker    56.39  55.53 W65 CR
Christine White    105.12  103.14 [PB]
Maria Lush    105.18  103.14 [PB]
Bridget Main    106.04  104.32 [PB]
Mary Short    112.57  111.52

Mens team  Martin.

Yet another cold day for running around in skimpy clothing! The wind got worse throughout but probably wasn't strong enough to affect times, just made it feel even colder. However there were some geat times done and several of us had PBs to boast about.

Dan ran a great race to finish 20th overall just outside his PB followed by Paul who did run a new PB, closely followed by Russ (not sure if that was a PB but it was a great time) with Simon (another with a PB) making up the A Team. Phew! Now the B team lead home by Dave (yes another PB), Andrew (PB), Martin and John (PB). I'm pretty sure that Mark Roberts also ran a PB as well - what a race!

The leagues are really tough this year, the A team is still 6th in A Div 2 and the B Team is 7th in B Div 2.

Men's Times

Gun Pos        Name  Cat  Chip Time
 20     Daniel Bailey;   ;  00:33:18
 56;   Paul Mitchinson;   ;  00:34:56[PB]
 63;   Russell Coleman ;   ;  00:35:20[PB]
372;   Simon Turner;   ;  00:41:51[PB]
387;   David Lown;   ;  00:42:14 [PB]
611;   Andrew Wright;   50;   00:45:28 [PB]
786;   Martin Coles;   55;   00:47:07
890;   John Cowlin;   40;   00:47:52 [PB]
1067;   Mark Roberts ;   ;  00:50:46 [PB]
1218;   Malcolm Hagan;   50;   00:51:59
1723;   Robert Edwards;   70;   00:59:33

ALTON 10 miles    April 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

On a glorious day for running, if a bit warm towards the end, 7 ladies turned out for the penultimate race of the RR season, enough for an 'A' and 'B' team. The route was unchanged, but all of the hills seemed steeper this year and some of us struggled with them (including me). Chris was the first of the Vac runners, followed by Jo. myself, Helen, Jackie, Marilyn and Nicola.

The league positions have not been updated yet.

The next (and last) Road race is the Netley 10k in two weeks, I hope we are going to get a good turnout for this 3 lap run in the park, overlooking the Solent.

Ladies Times

Name        Time
Chris Riddington        1.12.47
Jo Gilholm        1.18.46
Belinda Harding        1.26.35
Helen Clarke        1.33.52
Jackie Yarnold        1.40.20
Marilyn Crocker        1.42.06
Nicola Stott        1.42.31

Mens team  Martin.

A fairly warm day for this tough 10 miler, the penultimate race in the league calendar. Many participants felt that the combination of the hills and the temperature made for some slower times.

Dave ran in first for us in a good time and 20th overall closely followed by Paul (24th) with Adam and Martin completing the A team. Alas the B team was incomplete with just John and Malcolm scoring.

The A team are 6th in A Div 2 and the B team 7th in B Div 2.

Men's Times

Position        Name  Cat  Time
 20  David Howard  40  01:01:47
 24  Paul Mitchinson      01:02:07
168  Adam Yarnold      01:17:38
205  Martin Coles  50  01:21:17
247  John Cowlin  40  01:25:28
266  Malcolm Hagan  50  01:27:32

NETLEY 10k    May 2013
Ladies team  Belinda.

The last Road Race of the current season was the 'Run in the park' literally at Netley, running 3 laps round the Royal Victoria Country Park overlooking the Solent. Weather conditions were ideal and the light rain held off. We had enough for an 'A' and 'B' team again, which is excellent with six ladies on the start line, with both Jo and myself having run the day before in the Emsworth to Basingstoke Relay. The race was not 'chip' timed this year, which made the start quite crowded. However, Jo and Beth put excellent performances again. storming to the finish line in good times.

The league tables have not yet been updated so I am unable to see our final positions for both the 'A' and 'B' Teams.

Ladies Times

Name        Gun time
Jo Gilholm        44.13
Beth Pirie        46.45
Belinda Harding        50.55
Helen Clarke        54.05
Nicola Stott        56.38
Marilyn Crocker        59.26

I would like to thank all the ladies who have participated in the races this season, and I am really pleased that on most races we have managed to enter an 'A' as well as 'B' Team.

Mens team  Martin.

Cool with rain threatening for the final race of the season and a poor turnout from the men although there was nothing to play for as such with both teams mid table. Unusually first man home was Martin with John, Malcolm and Gary completing our only team on the day.

The leagues have not been updated yet but I doubt there'll be much change.

Men's Times

Position        Name  Cat  Time
247        Martin Coles  50  00:46:57
320        John Cowlin  40  00:50:18
354        Malcolm Hagan  50  00:52:02
384        Gary Heather  40  00:53:31