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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to 20 miles.
For information and details about the current season's races please visit the main HRRL page

2011/12 Season Race Reports

OVERTON 5   3rd September 2011

Ladies team  Belinda.
Always read the race instructions before the race!
Some of the us had read the instructions and some of us had not and did not know that the race was being run in reverse.
This meant a slow long hill through the high street shortly after the start and with a strong breeze to contend with as well we were all thinking no PB's today (Martin proved us wrong and ran a PB).
The weather was overcast and breezy until we started racing and the sun came out making running very hot, but the strong breeze remained.

We had an A and B team with Gerry Rock running her first Road Race for the Club.
After the first race we are 9th (out of 10) in Division 1, but I am hoping we will move up the league throughout the season, this is a tough division but I am ever the optimist - even after one race!

The next Race is the Victory 5 on the 18th September.

After the race the Ladies team were awarded a cup for coming second in Division 2 and being promoted.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm  37.03
Belinda Harding  40.01
Marilyn Crocker  46.30

Nicola Stott  49.12
Gerry Rock  58.37
Mary Short  1.02.15

Mens Team  Martin.
A poor turn out for the first race of the season where we barely had one team in attendance.
Shame really as it was a nice afternoon out made more entertaining by the organisers decision to run the race in the reverse direction. Although that meant a long slog uphill through the village, I think it was balanced out by the downhill sections on the way back - but then I would say that because I had a good run!

This was followed by the HRRL presentations for last season where I missed Belinda's moment of glory as I was still in the shower, and they didn't present the age category awards but I managed to collect Jim's M60 award to present to him at Rowlands the following day.

Mens Times
 37  Paul Mitchinson  0:29:57 [PB]
 58  Harnish Patel  0:30:54
154  Martin Coles  0:35:11 [PB]
419  Rob Davies  0:57:57


VICTORY 5   18th September 2011

Ladies Team  Belinda.
A great turn out for this local race with 10 Victory Ladies running, enough for an A and B team.
The weather was kind to us and was good for running. As usual in this race, there was a breeze on the promenade, but not as strong as it has been in some years..
Our position in Division 1 has moved up to 8th (1 place) and the B team is also 8th in Division 2.

Next road race is the Solent half marathon on the 9th October. This race fills up quite quick, so please enter early if you are intending to run. Not many of us have entered so far - three as far as i know, so more ladies would be appreciated.

A few of us ran PB's

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington  33.53
Jo Gilholm  35.00 [PB]
Belinda Harding  38.35 [PB]

Helen Mears  41.35
Marilyn Crocker  44.50
Nicola Stott  45.48

Maria Lush  51.39 [PB]
Gerry Rock  52.02 [PB]
Ann Mann   52.26 [PB]
Mary Short  59.04

Mens Team  Martin.
A civilised start time and a familiar venue, especially to those of us who'd been dashing up and down the Prom all summer.
Normally the only issue is the weather and there was a bit of a breeze to contend with although not too bad.
Paul led the team home in style followed by Harnish, with Martin and Graham making up the A team.
We had a B team this time with Malcolm, Nick (nearly a PB), Peter and Rob.
The A team are already firmly rooted at the bottom of the A Div 1 and the B team have climbed to 10th in B Div 2, only because we fielded a team and our rivals didn't!
Gents, we need to do much better than this. If we can't field many of our faster runners then we need to recruit some more so let's have a new campaign to "bring a fast friend" to the club.

Mens Times
 58  Paul Mitchinson  0:29:41 [PB] (yes it really was this time)
 88  Harnish Patel  0:30:37
192  Martin Coles  0:34:40 [PB]
270  Graham Coleman  0:38:17

290  Malcolm Hagan  0:39.11
330  Nick Bailey   0:41.58
347  Peter Bone   0:43.45
390  Rob Davies  0:52:46


SOLENT HALF MARATHON 5   9th October 2011

Ladies team  Belinda.
Apart from the undulating hills this race is a lovely run on an autumnal morning through the New Forest. The weather was good for running, albeit with a headwind in some places, and the sun came out during the race which increased the temperature slightly. Unfortunately there were only four of us running, and therefore only enough for an A Team. Marilyn and myself ran the day before in the first X-C League race, so we were on a double racing weekend for the club. We have remained 8th in Division 1, but are now equal with Pompey Joggers, who have caught us up.

Ladies Times
All of us achieved quicker times than last year, which is brilliant.
Belinda Harding  1.45.21 [PB and over 50 Hampshire Half Marathon Championship winner]
Ann Panting  2.12.16 [PB]
Nicola Stott  2.14.10

Marilyn Crocker  2.19.48

Mens Team  Martin.
It was a warm but breezy day that got warmer throughout the race.
There was a long stretch at both the beginning and end of the race against the wind which sapped the strength somewhat. As usual Paul led the team home with a great run, 17th overall, followed by Neil, Martin and Damian in a new pb to complete the A team. Malcolm, Graham, John and Rob made up the B Team - John setting a new club record for M70, well done!
The A team result was better but still the division worst, so we are now well adrift at the bottom of the table. The B team are now 7th in B Div 2.

Mens Times
 Pos  Name          Cat  Chip Time
 17  Paul Mitchinson  M18-39  01:23:16
121  Neil Tolfrey  M40  01:39:07
135  Martin Coles  M50  01:41:14
142  Damian Hamilton  M50  01:42:20 [PB]

225  Malcolm Hagan  M50  01:53:41
246  Graham Coleman  M60  01:56:29
295  John Gallagher  M70  02:09:35 [M70 Record]
333  Robert Davies  M60  02:38:14


LORDSHILL 10 MILE ROAD RACE   6th November 2011

Ladies team  Belinda.
On a chilly autumnal morning, Victory ladies had enough running for an A and B team.
We all did really well all of us coming in under 1hr 40 and have remained 8th in Division 1. We now have a 2 point lead over Pompey Joggers, where as before the race we were equal on points. We now need to maintain our lead and hopefully after the next race which is the Gosport half Marathon (20th Nov) we will increase our gap even further. Then we have a break until the Stubbington 10k, so we can all recharge our batteries for the second half of the season.

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington  1.10.07
Lucy Smith  1.15.01
Jo Gilham  1.17.51

Belinda Harding  1.19.00
Helen Mears  1.27.46
Maralyn Crocker  1.37.58

Nicola Stott  1.39.51

Mens Team  Martin.
A cool day with not too much breeze welcomed the Victory team at Lordshill. This is a good course for a personal best as some proved. Paul put in a great run to edge closer to the 60 minute mark and was followed by Harnish, Russ and Jim gave us a better A team result than we previously had this year but still not good enough to make much ground up on our competitors. The B team was short as only Martin, Graham C and Graham F were there. The A team are still bottom of A Div 1 and the B team are 6th in B Div 2.

Mens Times
 Pos  Name       Time
  23  Paul Mitchinson  01:00:45 [PB]
  57  Harnish Patel  01:03:35
  62  Russ Coleman  01:03:48
145 Jim Clow  01:09:31

209 Martin Coles  01:13:22 [PB]
307 Graham Coleman  01:19:14
325 Graham Foden  01:20:51


GOSPORT HALF MARATHON   20th November 2011

Ladies team  Belinda.
On a lovely sunny day 11 Victory ladies ran this race.
We had enough ladies for both an A and B team, which considering that it was a Half Marathon was excellent, and as Captain may I thank all of you who took part. I would like to say congratulations and well done to Christine and Andrea (who only started running in January) and Maria on running their first ever half for the Club. A few PB's were also set.
The conditions were excellent for running, until, the last couple of miles along the sea front, where there was a head wind. Most of us struggled when it came to this part of the race (I did).
The tables have not been updated as yet, so I am unable to say if we have what our position is in Division 1.

Ladies Times
Belinda Harding  1.44.16 [PB]
Helen Mears  1.55 [PB]
Maralyn Crocker  2.08.48

Jackie Yarnold  2.10.03 [PB]
Jill MacKenzie  2.12.30
Nicola Stott  02:13:19

Rachael Neall  02:18:47
Christine White  2.31.59 [PB]
Maria Lush  2.32.59 [PB]
Mary Short  2.45.31
Andrea Collier  2.45.34 [PB]

This is the last RR for this year, so we can all re-charge our legs for the Stubbington 10K in January
P.S. I think it took longer to get out of Gosport due to the road works opposite Collingwood than it did to run the actual race!

Mens team  Martin.
What a lovely day for a race! Sunny, not too hot or cold, not too windy. A great day to attack the PBs on this fast half course. Mind you the breeze that was there was against you for the last 3 miles or so, making it hard to stay strong in the latter stages of the race (at least that's my excuse before anyone else uses it!). Dan made his first appearance of the season and came home first for the club, 35th overall in a big field of nearly 1400. Paul M, Harnish and Neil rounded off a good A Team.
We had a full B Team with Jim, Martin, Paul W and Mark H scoring. The leagues have not yet been updated so don't know how this translates but the A Team will still be bottom of A Div 1 and I expect the B Team to maintain 6th in B Div 2.

Mens Times
Position  Chip Time
 35  01:17:45  Daniel Bailey
 71  01:22:38  Paul Mitchinson
112  01:25:27  Harnish Patel
284  01:34:28  Neil Tolfrey

323  01:35:46  Jim Clow
421  01:40:06  Martin Coles [PB]
484  01:41:46  Paul Willcox
619  01:46:57   Mark Hay

639  01:48:07    Bernie Cammell
688  01:49:25  Graham Coleman


STUBBINGTON 10K   15th January 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
It was a brisk morning with a strong breeze in the open places and along the shoreline on the first Road race of 2012.
We had an excellent turnout with 13 ladies running for the club (enough for an A and B team). It was the same undulating course as last year, with a couple of steep hills.
The league tables are going to be updated later in the week, so I am unable to say if our position has changed since the last race.
The next race is the Ryde 10 miles, this is a undulating course with a hill just after the start and another just before the finish. But don't let this put you off entering this race as the course is very scenic in places
Well done to Glynne Parsons who ran her first road race for Victory.

Ladies Times
Lucy Smith  45.08 [PB]
Jo Gilholm  45.17 [PB]
Belinda Harding  48.10 [PB]

Beth Pirie  52.15
Helen Mears  53.54
Glynne Parsons  57.22 [PB]

Nicola Stott  58.53
Marilyn Crocker  59.50
Jackie Arnold  1.00.13

Maria Lush  1.06.22 [PB]
Mary Short  1.07.48
Geraldine Rock  1.08.07 [PB]

Lesley Hickman  1.08.48

Mens team  Martin.
A bright and cool day for this always popular and well organised race around Stubbington and the local area. There was a decent breeze which took the edge off times due to the seafront section at Hill Head against the wind and making the climb away from the sea a bit tougher. We had a respectable team out for this one with Paul showing us the way home with Harnish, Russ and Jim making up the A team. The B team comprised Neil, Martin, Mark and Graham. Andrew posted a good time in his first road race for the club. Congratulations to John for his M70 Club record and 2nd in the M70 category and to Jim for his 4th in the M60 category. The leagues have not been updated yet but I don't expect much change from last in A Div 1 and 5th in B Div 2.

Mens Times
Pos  Name  Chip Time   42  Paul Mitchinson  00:37:11
  72  Harnish Patel  00:38:26
  79  Russ Coleman  00:38:43
 222  Jim Clow  00:42:27

 292  Neil Tolfrey  00:43:53
 297  Martin Coles  00:43:59[PB]
 432  Mark Hay  00:46:12
 507  Graham Coleman  00:47:36

 617  John Gallagher  00:49:29 M70 Record
 636  Andrew Wright  00:49:32 [PB]
 714  Malcolm Hagan  00:50:48
 800  Bob Wheeler  00:52:52

1121  Pete Bone  00:57:58
1258  Robert Edwards  01:01:42
1428  Rob Davies  01:09:39


RYDE 10 MILES   5th February 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
On a cold day day (but no snow) the ladies had a good turn out with 10 of us making the trip across the Solent enough for an A and B team. The course was the same as last year with the 3 hills, which most of us found tough.
We all waited until the last minute before we ventured out of the race headquarters to wait for the stsrt as it was so cold. Clare, Christine, Marie, Gerry and Mary were all running their first road race 10 miler for the club.
Although we still remain in the bottom two in the league we are still only two points behind Pompey Joggers, but with half the races completed there is still a good chance we miss being relegated.
Our next challenge will be this Sunday at the Bramley 20.

Ladies Times
Chris Riddington  1.12.25
Belinda Harding  1.23.18
Clare Elgin  1.27.03
Marilyn Crocker  1.40.42

Nicola Stott  1.43.53
Carol Tolfrey  1.45.18
Christine White  1.51.20
Maria Lush  1.51.20

Gerry Rock  2.04.16
Mary Short  2.04.16

Well done and congratulations to Carol who won the first women over 65 to cross the line and knocked 3 minutes off last years time!

Mens team  Martin.
A chilly day for this trek across the water with just one team and a spare! It was however dry, not snowy or icy and the wind was thankfully weak. Still a day to wrap up though and many of us had layers/tights/gloves/hats.
Jim had a good run to lead us home, achieving 3rd in the M55 category on the way. Martin, Neil and Graham C rounded off the A Team with Malcolm our spare man.
We are still bottom of A Div 1 and dropped to 9th in B Div 2.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
107  Jim Clow  01:11:41
157  Martin Coles  01:15:25
171  Neil Tolfrey  01:17:21
225  Graham Coleman  01:22:04

247  Malcolm Hagan  01:24:06


BRAMLEY 20 MILES   12th February 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
Luckily the snow stayed away for the Bramley 20, but it was cold and dull with ice on the road edges. Three of us braved the elements of the weather to run the 20 miles. This was due to other races being held on the same day - the MVP being one of them.
The course is a two lap route, unfortunately the hills were still there second time around!
The league tables have not been updated, but after Ryde we were still in the relegation area and it looks as if we will be battling it out with Pompey Joggers for the rest of the season to stay up.

Ladies Times
Belinda Harding  2.50.33 Lucy Smith  2.50.58 Nicola Stott  3.32.30

Mens team  Martin.
The thermometer had just clawed it's way up to zero celsius when I pulled into the snowy car park. However it was dry, no wind to speak of and it was rumoured that the temperature would reach the dizzy heights of 4 degrees later so perhaps not too bad a day for a race.
Just 3 men turned up as the race competed with more attractive alternatives on the day.
Unfortunately the Bramley is much more than a race, it is a 2 lap test of stamina and willpower in distinct halves. The first lap seems easy, each mile marker arriving with monotonous regularity but the second time round, it's as if someone has been out and moved them further apart, also making the inclines steeper and longer. The last mile is particularly cruel, the gentle incline seemingly endless.
I was underprepared but optimistic and meeting Damian on the start line and realising that we were going for the same pace meant we could run together. We were slightly ahead of schedule for the first lap and just before half way round the second I pulled away slightly. However just after 16 miles, the agony began and my lack of training became apparent and I must confess to walking a bit (hobbling not strolling, Nicola!). I was surprised Damian didn't pass me but found out afterwards that he was going through the same hell as me!
Not a bad result though as I got a PB with Damian recording a great time for his first 20 miler and Malcolm pleased with his age-graded result. The leagues are not updated yet but I expect no change.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
386  Martin Coles  02:45:02 [PB]
400  Damian Hamilton  02:46:15 [PB]
583  Malcolm Hagan  03:04:26


SALISBURY 10 MILES   11th March 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
A great turnout for this 10 miler with enough ladies for an A and B team. The conditions were good for racing this scenic race with the odd hill, albeit there was a brisk head breeze on the outward 5 miles, but it was a lovely day for the race.
We all put in a stirling effort but unfortunately the A team are still hovering 2nd from bottom in Division 1. Glynne Parsons was running her first ever 10 miles race and beat her estimated time by 5 minutes. Jo and Elaine both ran PB's - well done to all of you.

Ladies Times
Lucy Smith  1.15.32
Jo Gilholm  1.17.08 [PB]
Belinda Harding  1.21.53

Elaine Munns  1.26.00 [PB]
Helen Mears  1.26.14
Glynne Parsons  1.35.00 [PB]

Mens team  Martin.
The glorious weather enhanced the scenery for this excellent race up and down the Avon Valley. The warm weather meant we could discard thick tops, leggings and gloves to get on with running fast and enjoying ourselves. Paul M got very close to his PB to lead us home and we were treated to a rare appearance from Paul Buxton to boost our results. Dave Morris and Jim rounded off the A team.
The B team was incomplete with just Martin, Graham F and Rob. Oh, and John G turned up to get his T-shirt. No change in the leagues, we are still last in A Div 1 and 9th in B Div 2. Not sure if there were prizes but by my reckoning Jim was first M60, well done mate!

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
41  Paul Mitchinson  01:00:52
117  Paul Buxton  01:07:38
126  Dave Morris  01:08:12
144  Jim Clow  01:09:30

239  Martin Coles  01:15:02
406  Graham Foden  01:25:43
572  Robert Davies  01:58:19
DNF  John Gallagher


EASTLEIGH 10K   25th March 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
On the first day of summertime the weather did not disappoint as it was warm and sunny and conditions were good for running.
The ladies turned out on mass with 13 of us entering the race. It was a close finish for Jo and Lucy (who had a cold all week and was not feeling 100%) with 2 seconds between them.
Gerry, Chrissie, Elaine and newcomer Alison were running their first 10k for the Club.
A few PB's were run in the race.
After the race a few of us went on to support the Sports Relief event at Staunton Park, where we donned our marshall jackets and watched the 400 participants run either 1, 3 or 6 miles.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilholm  44.24 [PB]
Lucy Smith  44.26
Belinda Harding  50.21

Helen Mears  51.11 [PB]
Glynne Parsons  54.45 [PB]
Elaine Munns  57.18

Nicola Stott  57.42
Marilyn Crocker  57.55
Maria Lush   1.04.26 [PB]
Gerry Rock  1.04.44 [PB]
Christine White  1.04.44 [PB]
Mary Short  1.10.32
Alison Lowder   Unable to find result (sorry)

Mens team  Martin.
A glorious day for the fastest 10k in the league, perhaps a bit too warm? Nevertheless we were all up for it as we lined up in the biggest field ever for this prestigious race. Paul set a new PB with a great run to lead us home followed by Dave M, Jim and Neil for the A Team.
Dave L on his debut (and a great run may I say!), Martin, Graham and John made up the B team. Good to see another debutant Chris Lowder as well. We are still dead last in A Div 1 and 9th in B Div 2 with not much change expected.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time 85  Paul Mitchinson  00:36:13 [PB]
302  Dave Morris  00:41:12
330  Jim Clow  00:41:25
360  Neil Tolfrey  00:42:34

479  David Lown  00:44:16 [PB]
490  Martin Coles  00:44:19
832  Graham Coleman  00:48:23
975  John Gallagher  00:50:30

1004  Malcolm Hagan  00:51:01
1718  Chris Lowder  01:02:02 [PB]
1979  Rob Davies  01:10:31


ALTON 10 MILE ROAD RACE   13th May 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
After a 6 week break from road racing, the Alton 10 mile was the penultimate race of the season.
The weather was a bit breezy in places, but the sun was out for a change, it was even a bit to warm for running!! We had a good turnout of 6 ladies for an A and B team.
Two newcomers to the club made also made their debut for the club in the road race league, Lisa Done and Helen Clark and both ran PB's.
This Sunday we have our last league race at Netley (10k), and I expect we will be relegated to Division two as we were in the bottom two before this race (tables not yet been updated at the time of writing).

Ladies Times
Belinda Harding 1.26.20
Beth Pire  1.26.26
Helen Clark  1.38.03 [PB]

Glynne Parsons  1.41.49
Liza Done  1.41.49 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker  1.43.59

Mens team  Martin.
A bright, mainly sunny day welcomed us to Alton for the penultimate race in this years league diary.
There was a cool breeze but in sheltered spots it was warm when the sun bore down. Great running weather!
The race itself was a highlight for 2 of our longstanding members as Jim and John took first place in their age groups M60 and M70 respectively. This not only won them a race prize but also the considerable honour of Hampshire 10 Mile Road Race Champion 2012 for their category - well done guys!
The A team was headed by Dave M followed by Jim, Neil and Martin with the B team comprising Andrew, John, Graham F and Rob. I've not waited for the leagues to be updated as I don't expect any change.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
92  Dave Morris 01:09:54
107  Jim Clow  01:12:33 [1st M60]
126  Neil Tolfrey  01:13:54
143  Martin Coles  01:15:21

230  Andrew Wright  01:25:24
249  John Gallagher  01:28:44 [1st M70]
286  Graham Foden  01:41:07
296  Rob Davies  02:06:59


NETLEY 10K   20th May 2012

Ladies team  Belinda.
The last RR of the season and, with the final tables not yet been updated, I am expecting that we will be relegated to Division two.
It was warm but with a 'fresh' wind in the open places of the park.
This was the first year this race was chipped timed which was a bonus as it is usually very crowded at the start.
Marilyn and myself ran in the Emsworth to Basingstoke relay the day before so our legs were tired, but but Jo, Beth and Helen all put in sterling performances.

Ladies Times
Jo Gilham  44.35
Beth Pirie  50.06
Belinda Harding  51.49

Helen Mears  52.37
Marilyn Crocker  62.20

Mens team  Martin.
It seems almost fitting that on the last day of our disastrous season, when we had by far our worst turn out at this event, that the results were also going to be cocked up!
There were in fact 4 men there although Gary Heather is listed as female (his name appears the wrong way round!) and I can't find Malcolm in the results at all!
A couple of us had aching limbs from the relay the day before but still put up a show in good running conditions. The finishing order and hence A Team were Martin, Gary, Malcolm and Rob. No B Team at all.
The leagues are not updated but we are now relegated from A Div 1.

Mens Times
Position  Name  Time
172  Martin Coles  00:45:35
284  Gary Heather  00:52:02
  Malcolm Hagan  00:52:06
424  Rob Davies  01:15:27