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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to 20 miles.
For information and details about the current season's races please visit the main HRRL page

2010/11 Season

Below are the spreadsheets showing a full matrix of runners and results for the mens and ladies teams in all Hampshire Road Race League races in the 2010-11 season.

                  Mens Results (pdf)                   Ladies Results (pdf)

Race Reports
OVERTON 5   4th September 2010
Ladies team
Last year in this race the ladies team turnout was in double figures, this year however we had myself, Jo, Nicola and Marilyn. This was due to the Beast and club relay on Sunday and other already arranged commitments, namely Jenny getting married and Mary on her hols in New York!
However we put in a stirling perforamce and after the first race we are 2nd in Division 2 (lets hope we can keep it up until next May).
The weather was really humid and I think we all struggled with it, especially on the second lap.
Jo came in first, followed by myself, Marilyn and Nicola (despite having an ear infection), and she also was running in the Beast the next day along with Marilyn.
Mens Team  Martin.
Well the season is now underway with the first race and we had a good turnout in pleasantly warm conditions although a bit too warm for racing!
Scott was first home with Harnish, Paul and Neil completing the A team and Jim, Martin, Graham C and Malcolm forming the B team.
We all thought we'd done quite well but the reality check boys is that we're 9th in A Division 1 and only 13th in B Division 1.
Mens Times
Scott Daly   29:39
Harnish Patel    29:52
Paul Mitchinson    32:59
Neil Tolfrey    33:15
Jim Clow    33:32
Martin Coles    36:59
Graham Coleman    37:27
Malcolm Hagan    39:51
Graham Foden    40:56

VICTORY 5   19th September 2010
Ladies Team

At The fist race at Overton at the beginning of the month the ladies team was 'down' in numbers, only managing one team (plus 1extra). However, for the Victory 5 the ladies came out in abundance and eight of us ran, entering both an A and B team (plus 2 extra).
Ann and Maria were running their first race in the RRL, and for Marilyn it was her second race of the day having run in the Stansted Slug in the morning!
The rest of the ladies were myself, Beth, Lucy, Chris and Helen.
Chris came in first for the ladies, followed by Lucy, Beth, Myself, Helen, Ann, Marilyn and Maria.
The conditions were fairly good for the out and back race, bright but a bit breezy along the shoreline on the return to the Mountbatten centre.
The league tables have not yet been updated, so I am unable to report if our league position of 2nd has changed.
Thank you to all of you who ran for the team.
Mens Team   Martin
It was a pleasant day for a dash up and down the prom for this popular race but due to the clash with the Slog and Slug, we had a few missing from our normal crowd.
That said we had plenty to field 2 full teams with extras.
Frequently a fast race, the breeze in your face all the way back down the prom took the edge off times although Scott and Harnish both recorded PBs, well done chaps.
Scott, Harnish, Dave and Paul scored well for the A team with myself, Graham, Mark and Robert making up the B Team.
We've clawed our way up one place in A Div 1 to 8th, although 7th and 9th have the same points and we've also improved a place to 12th in B Div 1.

Mens Times
Scott Daly    29:06
Harnish Patel    29:36
Dave Howard    30:31
Paul Mitchinson    31:28
Martin Coles    36:16
Graham Coleman    37:27
Mark Hay    39:33
Robert Edwards    42:33
Damian Hamilton    44:00
Rob Davies    54:14

SOLENT HALF MARATHON   10th October 2010
Ladies Team
On a nice sunny but a little breezy day, 6 ladies ran for Victory in this years event (an A and B team).
Ann Panting was running her first half marathon for the club and was encouraged to the finish line by Damien.
Myself and Marilyn had run the X-C at Farley Mount the previous day and had the effects of the 'new' steep hill in our legs!
So we had excuses for not being very quick.
Chris stormed in first for the ladies, followed buy Lucy, myself, Ann, Nicola and Marilyn.
We have held onto our second place in Division 2 and are only a point behind Farnham.
The next race in the Lordshill 10 mile on the 7th November, which as far as I can remember is a nice flattish course.
Mens Team   Martin
What a beautiful day it was, perhaps a tad warm for a half marathon!
Dan stormed home in 6th place just 3 seconds outside his Personal Best and Paul underlined how much he's improved by taking over 6 minutes off his PB!
Jim and Guy also helped them to a good A team result with Guy setting another M65 club record.
Clint, myself, Damian and Malcolm scored for the B team.
I believe Clint and Damian's times were also PBs.
The A Team climbed to 7th in A Div 1 and the B Team is still 12th in B Div 1.
Mens Chip Times
Daniel Bailey    01:17:36
Paul Mitchinson    01:26:06
Jim Clow    01:35:29
Guy Phelps    01:38:38
Clint Clements    01:40:05
Martin Coles    01:46:52
Damian Hamilton    01:48:12
Malcolm Hagan    01:55:18
Robert Davies    02:35:21

Congratulation to Dan Bailey!
Dan has been awarded a prize for being the 5th senior man (6th overall).

LORDSHILL 10 MILES   7th November 2010
Ladies Team
Last year the weather was very wet and windy, this year the weather was on our side, it was dry, but a bit breezy in places on the route. Four ladies ran for Victory, Chris, Lucy, Jo, myself and Marilyn, finishing in that order (Jo running a PB for 10 miles).
With the top three all scoring for the team, we are now equal first with Farnham, 2 points ahead of Hardley. The next race is the Gosport Half Marathon on the 21st. Lets hope that we can hold our position at the top of the league and that we don't have to wade through the floods in HMS Daedalus again this year!
Men's team   Martin
Lucky with the weather this year, early showers cleared to a pleasant, although chilly, day. Just as well it wasn't run on Monday which was reminiscent of the weather last year!
Quite a good turn out with Scott leading the way followed by Harnish in a new PB, who just pipped Paul.
The A Team was rounded off by Neil recording a great time considering he ran a marathon the previous weekend.
The B Team comprised Dave Morris, Jim, Martin and Graham Coleman.
The A Team dropped to 8th in A Div 1 but we're starting to put a bit of daylight between us and the teams in the relegation places.
The B Team is still 12th in B Div 1.
Mens Place and Time
Scott Daly    34    01:01:05
Harnish Patel   39    01:02:01
Paul Mitchinson   40    01:02:06
Neil Tolfrey   58    01:03:55
David Morris   104    01:08:29
Jim Clow   142    01:11:07
Martin Coles   197    01:17:51
Graham Coleman   209   01:20:09
Malcolm Hagan  226    01:24:05
Robert Edwards    264    01:32:55
Rob Davies   274    01:51:50

GOSPORT HALF MARATHON   21st November 2010
Ladies Team
Unlike last year, this year we did not have to wade through the floods in Daedalus. The weather was overcast and a had a Strong breeze in places, but at least it was dry. Chris came in first for the ladies, followed by myself, Beth, Marilyn and Zita. As yet the tables have not been updated, so I do not know if we have held onto our position of 1st = with Farnhan Runners. We now have a break from the RR until the Stubbington 10k next year. Lets hope that we can maintain our league position and be in the running for promotion to League 1.
Men's team  Martin
All in all, a pretty good day for the mens team. Good weather, cool but dry and not too windy.
A good turnout including Alasdair, back from long term injury; Dave Baldwin, visiting from out of town; and Mark Le Lerre, making his debut appearance for the club.
Great results with numerous PBs and lovely (too) hot showers afterwards.
Dan led the A team home in a PB despite carrying an injury, followed by Dave Howard with his best time for the club, then Paul and Alasdair, both with PBs.
The B team comprised Jim, Dave M , Dave B and Mark.
The A team result was excellent - 5th best in the division - and although we're still 8th in A Div 1, the gap over 9th has increased.
The B team climbed to 11th in B Div 1.
Mens Place and Time
Daniel Bailey   36    01:16:59 PB
David Howard   80    01:21:46
Paul Mitchinson    89    01:22:17 PB
Alasdair Helliwell    105    01:23:30 PB
Jim Clow    252    01:30:38
David Morris    263    01:31:19
David Baldwin   313    01:33:15
Mark Le Lerre    383    01:34:45 PB?
Martin Coles    517    01:40:42 PB
Malcolm Hagan    824    01:50:10
Robert Edwards    1215    02:05:33
Rob Davies   1431    02:29:35

STUBBINGTON 10K   16th January 2011
Ladies team
After the cancellation of last years race because of the snow and ice. The weather was much improved - the snow was replaced by a blustery strong wind, but it remained dry and mild. The ladies team had an excellent turn out of 15 ladies . I am unable to report on the league tables as yet, but I am optimistic that we have held onto our 2nd Position in Division 2.
Ladies Results
Chris Riddington    41.51
Lucy Smith    46.05
Jo Gilholm    47.49
Belinda Harding    40.20 (PB) - ran Saturday at Reading X-C League
Kate Hart    53.03
Ann Panting    54.52
Elaine Munns    55.26
Helen Mears    55.29
Marilyn Crocker    57.18 - ran Saturday at Reading X-C League
Jackie Yarnold    58.45
Paula Russell    1.01.58
Maria Lush    1.06.24
Nicola Stott    1.06.32
Lesley Hickman    1.06.33
Mary Short    1.10.08
Well done to all of the team especially as the wind was really strong on the open part of the course and along the seafront
Men's team  Martin
Fairly mild, dry, but a bit windy for this popular 10k race. Although we had a good turnout, many of our faster runners were injured or absent and this resulted in our worst overall result of the season. Paul raced home in a healthy new PB and Harnish, Jim and myself completed the A Team. Damian, Graham, Mark and Bob scored for the B team. Despite being last in both divisions for this race, we're still 8th in A Div 1 and 12th in B Div 1. Jim came second in the M60 category for the Hants County Championships, well done!
Mens Results
Posn   Gun Time   Chip Time

50     00:37:39  [0:37:33]   Paul MITCHINSON,
98     00:39:36  [0:39:30]   Harnish PATEL,
182    00:41:54   [0:41:41]   Jim CLOW,
380    00:46:38   [0:46:14]   Martin COLES,
484   00:48:37   [0:47:46]   Damian HAMILTON,
527    00:49:44  [0:49:07]   Graham COLEMAN,
570    00:50:33   [0:49:09]   Mark HAY,
710    00:53:01   [0:52:12]   Bob WHEELER,
802    00:54:56   [0:54:33]   John RUSSELL,
953    00:58:07   [0:56:58]  Robert EDWARDS,
1209   01:06:01   [1:04:38]  Kevin McTAGGART,
1311   01:13:52   [1:12:35]   Rob DAVIES,

RYDE 10   6th February 2011
Ladies team
Leaving Portsmouth on the sea-cat for Ryde the weather was rather overcast and the Isle of Wight could not be seen until we nearly 'landed'. The crossing was smooth despite the strong blustery wind in the Solent. The warm up was walking to the start, which was a good distance after we disembarked.
We had enough ladies for an A and B team. Four of us had not run the race before (Myself, Helen, Dawn and Ann) and we kept hearing about the 'hills', a long steep hill just after the start and the 'killer' hill just after mile 8. The bonus after the last hill was the downhill to the finish. The weather remained overcast and despite the strong wind, drizzly at times but mild.
Ladies Results
Belinda Harding  1.23.22
Helen Mears  1.30.51 (PB)
Marilyn Crocker  138.24
Carol Tolfrey  1.48.05
Nicola Stott  1.48.05
Dawn Watson  1.53.16(PB)
Ann Mann  155.01 (PB)
We are still second in Division 2. Farnham have a 5 point lead over us, but we have increased our lead over third place Hardley.
Dawn and Ann had never run a 10 mile road race before and came in well in front of their estimated time of 2 hours. Well done to both of you.
Mens team  Martin.
Only the hardy few made the trip to Ryde for this race - thankfully just enough for an A Team! The weather was almost pleasant for early Feb, mild, cloudy but a bit windy. As I'd left my warm kit at home, I had to run in shorts and vest but it was easily warm enough. Paul had a great race coming home 19th overall, not far outside his PB which is pretty good because there were one or two hills to climb (or so it seemed!). The A Team is still 8th in A Div 1 but the B Team was non existent and are now 13th in B Div 1.
Mens Results
Posn   Time

19     1:02:25   Paul MITCHINSON,
147     1:14:35   Jim CLOW,
179     1:17:25   Martin COLES,
325     1:38:41    Kevin MCTAGGART,
Gents - we are in a straight fight with Farnham to stay in A Div 1 and need a better turn out from our faster chaps - you know who you are. I'm aware that injuries and other commitments are a problem but we need better results than we've had in the last 2 races to stay up. I know Bramley may not be much better as we've already lost a couple of men but there's Salisbury and Eastleigh in March where we can bounce back.

BRAMLEY   20th February 2011
Ladies team
On a dull and dray day, Chris, Marilyn and myself made the long journey to Bramley. It is a two lap course with a few hills. The race was chipped and that helped as the 10 mile race started the same time as the 20 mile race and the start was quite congested. I never did see Chris as she ran a really good time and claimed a F35 club record for 20 miles.
The tables are not being updated for a week, so I am unable to report if we have held onto our second place in the Division.
Ladies Results
Chris Riddington  2.32.44 (New F35 club record)
Belinda Harding   2.48.08 (New F50 club record and PB)
Marilyn Crocker  3.28.09
The next race is the Salisbury 10 miles on 13th March, this clashes with the Grizzly and some of the regular ladies runners will be missing as they are running the Grizzly, so if there are any ladies who want to run a nice 1 lap course with a hill about 7 miles then this is the race for you. Please let me know if you have entered or are going to enter as we need a team of three.
Men  Martin Coles
When Paul, Jim and myself met at Horndean, we were thinking that we were short for a full team that day. We waited for Kevin who normally joins the elite and saves the day, but he didn't arrive. However I was pleasantly surprised that Mark Hull was already there - so we had one team at least!
The race itself was held in good running conditions; cool, dry, not much wind and eventually became a contest to see who could knock the most off their PB. Belinda won that little contest but for the men, it was Paul who produced the performance of the day, finshing in 2:09 to knock almost 13 minutes off his PB set last year. Jim was next in followed by Mark (another PB by 4 minutes) and myself (PB by nearly 8 minutes).
The leagues will not be updated until next week but I suspect we've now dropped into the relegation zone as I saw several Farnham Runners in the results between Paul and Jim.
Mens Results
Posn   Chip Time

 61  2:09:47  Paul Mitchinson
225  2:28:07  Jim Clow
458  2:44:50  Mark Hull
526  2:50:36  Martin Coles

SALISBURY   13th March 2011
Ladies Report
Sadly, we did not have a team for this race, with only myself and Helen rising to the challenge of running 10 miles on a dull, breezy Sunday morning.
However, this did not stop the two of us (Helen in particular) running a good race. Helen ran an excellent race and at the start she said that she was aiming for a PB. She blasted her previous PB in a 10 mile race by 5 mins!! Well done Helen.
Ladeis Results Belinda Harding 82.33 mins (13 mins faster than 2010, not a PB)
Helen Mears 85.35 mins (5 mins faster than last year and a PB)
Our next race is the Eastleigh 10K in two weeks. I hope that we will have a good turn out for the team as we need to keep up with our promotion challenge. There is going to be a delay in updating the league tables and I am hoping that we have not dropped to third place by not entering a complete team. Please can you let me know if you are intending to run at Eastleigh.
Men's team  Martin.
Well I almost got what I wished for. For the first time this season, our 3 fastest runners took part in a road race at the same time and they didn't disappoint! Dan had a great race to finish 5th in a PB with Paul also recording a PB as he edges towards a sub 60 minute time. Scott was just a few seconds behind so the aggregate score was looking really good at this point. Unfortunately the tremendous drag factor of my own result means that we didn't do as well as Farnham so although the leagues will not be updated until next week, we will slip further behind.
Mens Results
Posn   Chip Time
5   Daniel Bailey  00:55:07 [PB]
37  Paul Mitchinson  01:00:52 [PB]
42  Scott Daly  01:01:10
295 Martin Coles  01:17:29
563 Rob Davies  01:59:53
The next race is the Eastleigh 10k in a couple of weeks which I'm told it's already full, here's hoping we get a better overall result there.

EASTLEIGH 10K   27th March 2011
Ladies team
Despite the clocks going forward and losing an hour, ten ladies (enough for an A and B team) ran at Eastleigh on Sunday.
Gina overtook Jim on the final stretch to finish in a time of 43.46. Congratulations to Jo and Jackie who both ran PB's.
There was a slight head wind at times, especially when running on the final stretch, we have maintained our 2nd position in the league and are only 4 points behind the leaders, with two races left (Alton 10 miles and Netley 10k we should get promoted up to Division One
Ladies Results
Gina Turner   43.46
Jo Gilham   45.54 [PB]
Belinda Harding   50.07
Jackie Yarnold   57.55 [PB]
Marilyn Crocker   58.09
Alison Munden   58.46
Lesley Hickman   1.03.13
Maria Lush   1.06.41
Mary Short   1.09.26
Men  Martin Coles
Good racing weather and a good turn out for this popular rush around Eastleigh. Collected yet another T shirt, now stuffed in the drawer with the rest.
The A team had both Scott and Paul well up the field with Paul chalking up yet another PB. Dave and Jim rounded off the scoring. We had a full B team for the first time in several races with Martin, Bob, Malcolm and Nick on the board.
Sadly we are currently heading towards a double relegation as we are 9th but adrift in A Div 1 and 15th (last) in B Div 1.
Mens Results
Scott Daly   00:36:05
Paul Mitchinson   00:36:46 [PB]
David Morris   00:41:01
Jim Clow   00:43:43
Martin Coles   00:45:42
Bob Wheeler   00:49:51
Malcolm Hagan   00:54:53
Nick Bailey   00:55:54
Robert Edwards   00:55:48
Rob Davies   01:11:15

ALTON 10   8th May 2011
Ladies team
After a few weeks break from the road race fixtures, this was the penultimate race of the season. It was quite a blustery day, but not cold. The route was the same as last year, with all the undulating hills, which on the last 5 miles had a head wind, which made the going tough. There was a good turnout for the ladies, enough for an 'A' and 'B' team.
Ladies Results
Chris Riddington  1.11.34
Lucy Smith  1.25.27
Belinda Harding  1.28.27
Helen Mears  1.36.22
Marilyn Crocker  1.38.42
Nicola Stott  1.42 .16
Alison Munden  1.45.42.

The league tables are not being updated until Thursday, but I am hopeful that we have maintained our second place in the league, and be on course for promotion to Division one.
The last road race is this Sunday at Netley (10k). It is a 3 lap course, hopefully we will have a good turnout and secure our second place and promotion.

Men  Martin Coles
The overnight rain cleared to leave cloudy skies with occasional sunshine and a bit of a breeze for this penultimate race in the HRRL calendar, a tough and hilly 10 miler.
A fairly good turn out on the day with Dan storming home in overall 2nd place - well done Dan. He was followed by Paul, still shaking off his weary marathon legs, with Dave and Jim completing the A Team.
The B Team was made up of Martin, Mark, Graham and Malcolm. Jim was also 2nd in the M60 category. And, importantly, Rob was not last!
The leagues are not updated yet but Farnham beat us again so no change expected.

Mens Results
Dan Bailey  00:56:44 (2nd overall)
Paul Mitchinson  01:03:28
David Morris  01:10:26
Jim Clow  01:12:43 (2nd M60)
Martin Coles  01:18:25
Mark Hull  01:19:16
Graham Foden  01:27:42
Malcolm Hagan  01:28:12
Rob Kitt  01:29:37
Nick Bailey  01:36:00
Rob Davies  01:56:36

Netley 10K   15th May 2011
Ladies team
As captain of the ladies team, I must begin by congratulating and thanking all of the Victory ladies who have run in the Road Race league this season to help up get promoted back to Division 1 by finishing second in Division 2. Some races we struggled to put out a full team, namely the Salisbury 10 miles , and we only just got a team for the Bramley 20 mile. Other races we had enough for an A and B team. The Stubbington 10 K achieved a great turnout (15). Also, some PB's have been achieved throughout the season. Apart from congratulating ourselves with our promotion, I think we must also congratulate the men's team, who managed to secure their place in Division 1, after an excellent team result on Sunday, therefore escaping relegation. Well done.

Netley 10 K
Prior to the race we were still second in Division 2 and managed to hold on to 2nd place so we are promoted to Division 1. The weather was perfect for the last race of the season, and we had an A and B team for the final race. Some of us (Jo, Lucy, Marilyn and myself) ran the Emsworth to Basingstoke relay on Saturday, so our 'legs' were tired before we started the race after all of those hills the previous day!!. However, despite this all four of us ran (with our 'hill' legs) and put in good performances. I think we were all glad that it was only 10 K and not 10 miles!!
Ladies Results
Jo Gilham  46.56
Lucy Smith  47.33
Beth Pirie  51.42
Belinda Harding  51.49
Helen Mears  52.39
Nicola Stott  57.45
Marilyn Crocker  59.37
Maria Lush  1.06. 50.
Sadly, Mary Short had a fall during the race and was unable to finish.

Mens team  Martin.
Not the best turn out by pure numbers but crucially we had 4 fast boys this time. Dan somehow managed to put his traumatic week aside and galloped round to take 4th place. Russ made a critical seasons debut in the last race, Paul with his usual high contribution and Dave, back from a lengthy injury break, made up a high class A team.
The B team was incomplete with just me, Graham C and Rob.
The staggering news is that this was such a good A team result we have snatched Victory from the jaws of defeat (I couldn't resist that line!) and we did not get relegated from A Div 1 - gentlemen, I thank you!
The B team did not fair so well and we were well adrift at the bottom of B Div 1 so we will be relegated there.
Mens Results
Dan Bailey  00:34:27 (4th overall)
Russ Coleman  00:36:02
Paul Mitchinson  00:37:22
David Howard  00:38:16
Martin Coles  00:46:13
Graham Coleman  00:49:30
Rob Davies  01:07:17

Well that's it for another season, thanks to all who represented the club.