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Hampshire Road Race League

Each year Victory AC takes part in the Hampshire Road Race League (see www.hrrl.org.uk).
This is a set of 12 races that take place over a number of months, covering distances from 5 miles to half marathon.

How to Enter

Most races now take online entries. Click on the link below to take you directy to the entry page.

Where postal entries are taken, entry forms are available on the noticeboard at Havant Leisure Centre (HLC) a few weeks/months prior to the event or click on the entry button below to download a form.

We encourage members to take part in these events, and our Road Race Captains are sure to encourage you to enter as this will assist the club's rankings in the league - as well as your personal league ranking.

You can contact the Road Race Captains via email at: roadrace@victoryac.org.uk

Men's Captains: Terry Healy and Darren Knight
Women's Captains: Helen Boiling and Rachel Jarvis

Runners should wear their club vest when participating on HRRL races in order to qualify for club and individual points.

This Season's (2017/18) Races


Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

Captains Race Reports

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Overton 5 miles

Solent 1/2 marathon

Gosport 1/2 marathon

Hayling 10 mile

Victory 5

Stubbington 10k

Ryde 10 mile

Eastleigh 10k

Salisbury 10 mile

Alton 10 mile

Netley Royal Victoria Country Park 10k

Lordshill 10k

Sunday 3rd September 2017

Sunday 24th September 2017(10am)

Sunday 19th November 2017 (10am)

Sunday 26th November 2017 (9.30am)

Sunday 3rd December 2017 (11am)

Sunday 14th January 2018 (10am)

Sunday 4th February 2018

Sunday 18th March 2018

Sunday 8th April 2018

Sunday 13th May 2018 [TBC]

Sunday 20th May 2018

Sunday 10th June 2018

Race Reports

OVERTON 5   3rd September 2017
Some of the Victory AC  Team at Overton 5 : September 2017
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

The first Hampshire league Road race of the season, the Overton 5 mile on Sunday 3rd September.

An excellent turnout of 11 ladies representing Victory on a drizzly day, light rain so not bad conditions really.

An undulating course around Scenic Overton with lots of support from the local residents and friendly marshals.

First Victory lady in was Hannah Lowry and second was Linda Pukinska who ran her first road league race both with excellent times and also well done for some good running from Lucy Cowlin, Lesley Allen, Rachel Jarvis, Bridget Main, Debbie Clarke, Sara Heath, Dee Sims, Hazel Jenkinson and Mary Short.

Mens team  Terry Healy

This was my first time at this event, mainly due to the difficulties around the 2pm starting time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Run mainly on closed roads, the out and back race was well organised and chip timed with some 'interesting' hills adding to the challenge.
We had eight men competing, just enough for an A and B team result, phew!

A great result in the first HRRL event, now onto race two, the Solent Half on September 24th.
It would be great to see as many Victory AC men at these very friendly and inclusive events. If you haven't run one before, do give one a go - details of races and links to entry are at the top of this page!

Mens Chip Times
Name     Time

Paul Mitchinson    28:15
Kevin Giles    35:03
Matt Healy    34:46
Jon Healy    34:48

Dave Lown    35:54
Colin O'Donnell    36:48
Terry Healy    37:12
Andrew Wright    37:20

SOLENT HALF MARATHON   24th September 2017
Some of the Victory AC  Team at Solent Half Marathon : September 2017
Ladies team  Helen Boiling

So, the second HRRL race of the season was already upon us. The weather was set fair, and during the event it was a mixture of sun and cloud. The temperature was fairly warm but, not bad running conditions.
I was very pleased that we had 6 ladies, so complete A and B teams.

This is a lovely course, along mainly country roads with light traffic. There were definitely some undulations; the last mile or so a gradual ascent!
There are a couple of sections with scenic sea views.

Chris led the A team home with Belinda and Helen, with Katie, Lisa and Bridget completing team B.
I think it’s fair to say we all found it fairly hard work and were pleased to finish!

The marshals were encouraging and it was a very well organised event once again by Hardley Runners.

We were pleased to receive a technical running vest for our efforts! Thank you ladies for running in one of the two half marathons within the Road League

Ladies Chip Times
Name             Time

Chris Riddington    01:42:18
Belinda Harding    01:52:31
Helen Boiling    01:58:51

Katie Lewis    02:07:39
Lisa Slight   02:13:27
Bridget Main    02:39:10

Mens team  

Race two of the HRRL saw us all at the Solent Half on Sunday 24th, on a lovely if rather hot day.
We had 8 men and 6 lady runners, just enough for an A and B Team result....phew again!

The route was gloriously scenic, tracking through the New Forest at Exbury.....ponies and 'chocolate box' cottages galore. It was warm work through the forest, with plenty of hills.
My favourite section came at Lepe Beach which opens out into a cool flat mile beside the Solent, with yachts lazing by, children fishing and mums 'n dads queuing for ice creams, the Isle of Wight framing the whole scene. With the tide out, the mudflats seemed reminiscent of Charles Darwins 'warm little pond' where simple life forms crept onto land before evolving into an advanced creature which runs pointlessly in circles for 13.1 miles in the heat.....or maybe I was just getting dehydrated again!

A few performances of note, Darren with a PB in one of his first Half's, a welcome return by Malcolm Hagen running under the magical 2 hrs and another sterling run by the legend that is Jim Clow, second in his age category.

Mens Chip Times
Name     Time

Darren Knight     1.41.50
Andrew Flynn    1.42.26
Jim Clow     1.44.24
, Terry Healy     1.48.41

Dave Lown     1.50.08
John Cowlin     1.57.39
Malcolm Hagen     1.59.09
Martin Coles     2.14.57

GOSPORT HALF MARATHON    19th November 2017
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

Ideal weather conditions for the “Gosport Half” sunny, cool and no wind possibly a tad too warm for me as I had over dressed a little but weather made for lovely views of the calm sea .
The bright sunny day also enticed lots of spectators and a fair few Victory supporters and photographers so thank you to both .

Seven ladies represented Victory so an excellent turnout thank you all.
First in for the ladies team was Gemma Corbett who was actually the 10th overall female ,Chris Riddington and Michelle Cartwright were second and third both coming in well under 2 hours.
This was Michelle’s last race with Victory as she is moving to London to work, so will join some lucky London team instead.
Alison Lowder had entered the race but unfortunately was unwell so cheered us on from the “crowds“ instead .

Ladies Chip Times
Name             Time

Gemma Corbett    01:27:20 [PB]
Christine Riddington   01:38:24
Michelle Cartwright     01:42:13

Rachel Jarvis    02:11:57
Bridget Main    02:37:38
Mary Short    03:12:39

Tracy Long    03:12:42

Mens team  

Gosport Road Runners organised a superb Half Marathon as always, even arranging near perfect weather.

Victory AC was well represented with 13 male competitors, and some outstanding personal performances.
Whilst not to everyone's taste, I've always like the 2 lap configuration offering the chance to pace yourself better and cheer on fellow Victory runners.

My son Jon has wickedly noticed that two of my last three Gosport chip times have finished in zero seconds.....I'm now known at home as 'Double O Slow’!

Mens Chip Times
Name     Time

Paul Mitchinson     1:16:31
Richard Turner     1:32:54
Darren Knight     1:35:28 [PB]
Chris Lowder     1:39:36

Dave Lown     1:39:39
Andrew Flynn     1:40:07
Dave Morris     1:40:13
John Marenghi     1:41:13

Paul Sahota     1:42:37
Terry Healy     1:44:00
John Cowlin     1:50:01
Martin Coles     1:50:52
Ali McNiff    1:52:36 [PB]
Michael Grigg    1:55:30
Callum Cairns    2:00:56 [PB] and 1st HM
Will Hahn    2:05:09

HAYLING TEN     26th November 2017
Ladies team  Rachel Jarvis

An excellent race event organised by Havant Athletic club.
Stunning scenery, perfect weather and well organised with plenty of friendly, encouraging marshals.
Also of course it is a local race for Victory so not far to travel.

The course is quite varied taking us along parts of the Hayling Billy track and along the sea front and after crossing the road with supportive marshals running back.
We had 9 Victory ladies representing the ladies team so well done for a good turnout as 10 miles is a respectable distance to race (well I think so) and thank you to the Victory supporters who cheered us along and the Victory marshals who also of course encouraged on our way, I saw Pete, Graham and Hazel on the route.

Ladies Chip Times
Name             Time

Hannah Lowry     1:14:19
Zoe Gill     1:14:40
Linda Pukinska     1:22:46

Nicki Turner    1:34:39
Rachel Jarvis     1:36:06
Mary Short    03:12:39

Lucy Cowlin     1:42:00
Bridget Main     1:55:11
Marilyn Crocker     1:57:34

Mens team  Terry Healy

Another fantastic turnout by Victory AC at the Hayling 10, organised by our nearest neighbours Havant AC.
Again near perfect weather, and a superbly organised event. Also lovely to see so many Victory AC members volunteering as marshals, their encouragement helping to deliver some superb individual performances for the second consecutive weekend.

Paul's Mitchinson's impressive 6th place with a superb time of 57:52 and Matt Gill and Simon Turner both coming in under the magical 70 minute barrier were highlights of a great team effort.

When running I find my mind drifts around quite a bit, stopping me thinking how much it all hurts possibly. Anyway, today I began analysing why I run and decided that probably for most of us it's for fitness, the friends you make and the competitive element/times. Putting them in order of importance, I decided that if I had to choose between being a faster but lone runner or a slower club runner, I'd choose the latter. So my order of importance would be Friends, Fitness, Times.....I suspect younger runners would maybe reverse that!

Mens Chip Times
Name     Time

Paul Mitchinson     57:51
Matt Gill     68:34
Simon Turner     8:54
Richard Turner     70:43

Darren Knight     71:09
Chris Lowder     73:27
Andrew Flynn     74:26
Dave Lown     74:27

Colin O'Donnell    75:21
Terry Healy     78:03
Martin Coles     79:07
Paul Sahota     79:52
John Haines     83:45

Victory 5     3rd December 2017
Ladies team   Helen Boiling

I will start with a big thank you to all the Victory ladies who ran on Sunday, we had 20 runners which is a fab number (same as last year)!

It was a new course this year owing to repair works on the seawall of the normal race.
The start was at Lakeside North Harbour which was great for parking, and very familiar for those who normally run the parkrun from there. It was a flat 2 lap course and traffic free.
The weather was grey with very little wind, pretty good for running. There was good support at plenty of places on the route, and we could also support fellow club runners due to the frequent passing spots!

There were some notable achievements: 6 PBs (see results below), Victory A team (Gemma, Jackie and Chris) took 3rd team place and Jackie, Chris and Lucy also took 2nd Vets team place. Great for Lucy’s 1st race on return to running. 1st home for Victory with a PB to boot was a storming run for Gemma, newly back to racing post baby!
Other personal achievements: Jackie and Chris came 3rd in their age categories and Marilyn was 1st in hers! Amanda Rudkin ran her 1st 5 mile race.
Well done everyone!

Ladies Chip Times
Name             Time

Mens team  Terry Healy

A compliment of 15 Victory AC men competed on a chilly but bright Sunday at Lakeside in Portsmouth AC's Victory 5 HRRL event.
A two lap, chip timed race around the Lakeside North Harbour Campus, whilst somewhat uninspiring to run around, provided excellent spectator facilities for friends and family and the civilised, warm respite of Starbucks afterwards for post race analysis.

Some great running again by all, with Jim Clow first in his age group, Howard Wright 3rd in his age group and excellent A and B Team results.

Mens Chip Times
Name     Time

Paul Mitchinson     27:45
Dan Bailey     28:39
Darren Knight     33:52
Dave Lown     33:55

Colin Robson     34:21 [PB]
Andrew Flynn     35:05
Jim Clow    37:02
Terry Healy     37:27

Martin Coles     37:33
Howard Wright     47:43
Robert Edwards     50:49
Roger Brummell     51:57
Neil Blanchard     52:04
Paul Smart     55:06
Graham Foden    56:24

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