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Weekly Flyer

The Club produces a weekly informative flyer, with details of forthcoming events, races etc,
as well as write ups from club members and general items of interest to members.

Ali kindly colates it and sends it out via email to all members who request to - in plenty of time for weekend runs and races!
It is also posted here.
If you a Member and not receiving the Flyer please email

The flyer is an important communication tool for the club, and we welcome input from all members.
If you have something you would like everyone in the club to know about,
please send the details to Ali McNiff by Wednesday evening

Current Flyer : 22nd March 2019

To download the current flyer (22nd March 2019) as a PDF, please click below.

Previous Flyers

please click on the links to see flyers from the past few months.
September 2018
27th September 2018 - Flyer PDF

20th September 2018 - Flyer PDF

14th September 2018 - Flyer PDF

August 2018
30th August 2018 - Flyer PDF

23rd August 2018 - Flyer PDF

18th August 2018 - Flyer PDF

10th August 2018 - Flyer PDF

2nd August 2018 - Flyer PDF
November 2018
29th November 2018 - Flyer PDF

22nd November 2018 - Flyer PDF

15th November 2018 - Flyer PDF

8th November 2018 - Flyer PDF

1st November 2018 - Flyer PDF

October 2018
25th October 2018 - Flyer PDF

18th October 2018 - Flyer PDF

11th October 2018 - Flyer PDF

5th October 2018 - Flyer PDF
March 2019
14th March 2019 - Flyer PDF

6th March 2019 - Flyer PDF

February 2019
28th February 2019 - Flyer PDF

21st February 2019 - Flyer PDF

14th February 2019 - Flyer PDF

7th February 2019 - Flyer PDF

January 2019
31st Janaury 2019 - Flyer PDF

17th Janaury 2019 - Flyer PDF

10th January 2019 - Flyer PDF

December 2018
20th December 2018 - Flyer PDF

13th December 2018 - Flyer PDF

6th December 2018 - Flyer PDF