Maria and Helen celebrate finishing the VAC charity relay August 2012 Gary and Belinda before Hayling Island charity relay August 2012 BBQ after the 2012 VAC Charity Relay

Victory Athletic Club - Hayling Island Charity Relay 2014

Hayling Island Charity Relay : Sunday 17th August 2014

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VAC Chairty Relay write up in Hayling Islander
Write up in "The Hayling Islander": January 2015


Lucy Smith: Capt
Jackie Lloyd
Marrissa Alves

H/C 13m 55s
Time 03:17:24
H/C Finish Time 03:03:29

Andrew Flynn
Colin O’Donnell: Capt
Elle Stone

H/C 23m 03s
Time 03:30:32
H/C Finish Time 03:07:29

Tom Stott
Stuart Bicham
Nicola Stott: Capt

H/C 10m 55s
Time 03:26:18
H/C Finish Time 03:15:23

John Cowlin: Capt
Dave Walker
Debbie Pugh

H/C 24m 50s
Time 03:52:24
H/C Finish Time 03:27:34

Richard Westbrook
John Gallagher: Capt
Jodie Swaine

H/C 37m 17s
Time 03:35:41
H/C Finish Time 02:58:24

Mark Griffiths
Alabama Pirie
Helen Clark: Capt

H/C 18m 38s
Time 03:24:36
H/C Finish Time 03:05:58

Ian Stott
Simon Turner
Kathryn Simpson

H/C 00m 00s
Time 03:10:01
H/C Finish Time 03:10:01

Harry Lown
Anita Huddleston: Capt
Gerry Rock

H/C 38m 19s
Time 04:02:34
H/C Finish Time 03:24:15

Ian Pirie
Beth Pirie
Mary Short: Capt

H/C 39m 12s
Time 03:32:43
H/C Finish Time 02:53:31

Tim Cooper: Capt
Gemma Corbett
Christine White

H/C 15m 15s
Time 03:18:47
H/C Finish Time 03:03:32

Rick Mitchell: Capt
Shelly Butler
Helen Mears

H/C 26m 55s
Time 03:36:00
H/C Finish Time 03:09:05

Pete Harding: Capt
Andrew Wright
Kate Parks

H/C 15m 03s
Time 03:37:06
H/C Finish Time 03:22:03

Colin Moon
Martin Coles: Capt
Clariece Warrior

H/C 16m 43s
Time 04:00:17
H/C Finish Time 03:43:34

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