Maria and Helen celebrate finishing the VAC charity relay August 2012 Gary and Belinda before Hayling Island charity relay August 2012 BBQ after the 2012 VAC Charity Relay

Victory Athletic Club - Hayling Island Charity Relay 2012

Hayling Island Charity Relay : Sunday 19th August 2012
Having Fun and Raising Money for the RNLI

Lifeboats Logo On Sunday 19th August Victory AC’s Relay took place around Hayling via the footpaths, bridleways, promenade and pavements taking in the countryside and coastal views of Hayling all in aid of the RNLI.
This year’s ninth race started from St Peters Church Hall in Northney and followed an anti-clockwise route of 26.2 miles which took the runners off of Hayling Island and on to Farlington Marshes and back, with the southern half of the Island to follow. Thirteen highly tuned and honed teams, consisting of three runners each, from the cream of Victory AC taking part. A staggered start ensured that slower teams were targets for the later starters.
Setting off from the field behind the church hall the first runners went through the field entrance on to St Peters road and with the help of Hamid and Mike, making a safe crossing of the road.
They proceeded to turn left into St Peters avenue, last years new leg now in the anti-clockwise direction, heading east out to the coast, on to the dirt sea wall and returning via Church Lane crossing St Peters road again though the church yard and back to start point. A gently 1.55 miles warm up for the first leg runners.
It was then north via a circuitous route to the bridge and the next handover. Here Pete Bone and Jo Gilholm, along with her two boys, acted as marshals/baton passes across the busy Havant road.
The race continued then into the wilds of the Farlington Marshes for two legs, returning via the bridge. Then down the Billy trail and on to the Ferry Boat inn, following in broad terms, the coastal paths but also covering the rural northern part of the Island. Finishing back where the runners started, 26.2miles later.
The race is handicapped using mainly, our summer long handicap best times of the year, such that, in theory the teams would complete the race in the same time after the handicap and start time offset were taken in to account.
The weather was very warm and humid from the start for all the runners, with good hydration being top priority of the day and a covering of sun screen.
Thanks to Suzy Walker for organising the church hall venue and providing, with the aid of her helpers, Gill Jones, Lucy Smith who worked all day and Chris Gallagher who cooked the puds and came along to help with the washing and clearing up in the afternoon. Also a big thank you to Dave Walker for bringing a big BBQ to the church garden, this being provided by Suzy’s dad Brian.
The BBQ food was cooked by the fair hands of Gill & Dave with a little help from Lucy & Suzy. The food was made ready for all the runners and partners who ran the relay. There was a small charge for the food to cover the cost and it added another donation of £50 to our fund.
Paul and Lesley Hickman of Tri Sports provided the post relay massage for those who needed some muscle TLC, again raising £60 towards the charity.
A great day out and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who ran or marshalled or drove cars or just watched. My thanks go to Mike, Hamid, Pete, Jo and her boys who marshalled and Richard Mitchell who started the runners and timed the teams.
Medals were presented to the runners of the first three winning team’s, gold/silver/bronze and a dated message inside the presentation box. A memento of the day’s running efforts.
Thank you letter to Victory AC from Hayling Island RNLI The money raised, £572 will be donated to the local RNLI fundraiser at the Hayling lifeboat station, Sandy Point in the very near future.

John Gallagher & Suzy Walker, Victory AC.

PS. Unfortunately Colin O’Donnell, after a visit to the A&E. Was found to have two bones fractured in his foot and will be out of running for at least 6-8 weeks. With Guy Phelps help, trying his hand at running to help the team home. Best wishes to Colin for a speedy recovery
Helen Hull was also carrying an injury on competing in the relay.
So my thanks to both the two teams for continuing and finishing the relay.

Photos from this event are in the photo gallery


Graham Foden
Andrew Smith
Mary Short
H/C 44m 32s
Time 3hrs 23m 45s

Dave Walker
Jodie Swaine
Helen Hull
H/C 26m 51s
Time 3hrs 27m 17s

Jim Clow
Mark Griffiths
Helen Clarke
H/C 00m 00s
Time 3hrs 29m 35s

Anita Huddleston
John Gallagher
Mike Coles
H/C 05m 33s
Time 3hrs 38m 13s

Simon Turner
Kevin McTaggart
Maria Lush
H/C 33m 31s
Time 3hrs 20m 23s

Gary Heather
Belinda Harding
Ruth Bates
H/C 26m 24s
Time 3hrs 26m 46s

Martin Coles
Mark Hull
Jackie Butt
H/C 22m 10s
Time 3hrs 29m 18s

Paul Willcox
Andy Abbinnett
Kate Lewis
H/C 02m 00s
Time 3hrs 37m 57s

Dave Lown
Amanda Godfrey
Marilyn Crocker
H/C 21m 43s
Time 3hrs 16m 46s

Neil Tolfrey
Malcolm Hagan
Christine White
H/C 23m 15s
Time 3hrs 23m 53s

Mark Wilson
Beth Pirie
Jane Noble
H/C 08m 51s
Time 3hrs 28m 59s

Peter Harding
Jan MacDonald
Shelly Butler
H/C 16m 10s
Time 3hrs 30m 35s

Colin O’Donnell
Colin Moon
Liz/Guy Phelps
H/C 07m 23s
Time 3hrs 55m 26s

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