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Victory Athletic Club - Hayling Charity Relay 2010

Hayling Island Relay : Sunday 5th September 2010

On Sunday 5th September the Hayling Relay took place around Hayling via the footpaths, bridleways, promenade and pavements taking in the countryside and coastal views of Hayling.
The race started from St Peters Church Hall in Northney and followed an anti-clockwise route of 26.6 miles which took the runners off of Hayling Island to Farlington Marshes and back.
With nine teams of three runners from Victory AC taking part.
A staggered start ensured that slower teams were targets for the later starters.
Setting off from the field behind the church hall and on through the church yard of St Peters church, via various twists and turns to the Hayling bridge where Jo Gilholm and her two boys, George and Thomas were acting as baton passer's across the very busy Hayling road.
Many thanks to them and I hope you enjoyed your sweeties and Jo, easy on the chocolates!
The race continued off of the island into the wilds of the Farlington Marshes for three legs returning via the bridge, following in broad terms the coastal paths but also covering the rural northern part of the Island.

The race is handicapped using mainly, the long handicap best times, short handicap or best 5/10k of the year, such that, in theory the teams would complete the race in the same time after the handicap and start time offset were taken in to account.

The weather was in and out with some showers in dispersed with some sun. Good for runners but not so good for spectators.
Thanks to Suzy for organising the venue which had the rain had been heavier, would have allowed us to go indoors to have the food afterwards, as well as toilets and a storage place for those who biked to the venue.
Also a big thank you to Dave Walker for bringing a BBQ to the church garden, which was used by number of people with great success.
Lesley Hickman provided the pleasure after the race with leg massages, in the hall and donated £50 to the charity pot, many thanks from Suzy and I, and I'm sure also from those runners who's leg muscles you eased.
The exception being Pete Bone who's shouts of pain could be heard outside in the garden, but I think Paul Hickman had a hand in that!
A big hurrah greeted Bob Wheeler in team 1, who ran five legs for his team due to Gina, having been bitten by a horsefly during recceing her legs in the week and pulling out on the day before. But then turning up after medical attention and running her first three legs before succumbing to the poison in her body, well done to her for a great effort which got the team third spot.
A great day out and thoroughly enjoyed by all those who ran or marshalled and I hope the newer members, who ran the relay for the first time will be back to do again next year.
Boxed and engraved gold, silver and bronze medals where awarded to all runners in the first three winning teams.
The money has so far raised approx. £300 and will be donated to the local RNLI.
John Gallagher.

2010 Results

Gina Turner
Helen Mears
Bob Wheeler
H/C 18m 47s
H/C Time 3hrs 16m 28s

Beth Pirie
Dave Walker
Nichol Riggott
H/C 00m 42s
H/C Time 3hrs 24m 01s

Gill Jones
Shelly Butler
Neil Tolfrey
H/C 00m 00s
H/C Time 3hrs 43m 58s

Ann Panting
Richard Mitchell
Malcolm Hagan
H/C 26m 32s
H/C Time 3hrs 15m 10s

Kate Hart
Pete Bone
Damien Hamilton
H/C 15m 24s
H/C Time 3hrs 18m 18s

Amanda Godfrey
Belinda Harding
Jim Clow
H/C 10m 49s
H/C Time 3hrs 26m 20s

Suzy Walker
Colin O'Donnell
Tony Hoskinson
H/C 21m 04s
H/C Time 3hrs 14m 31s

Jackie Butt
Martin Coles
Robb Kitt
H/C 28m 14s
H/C Time 3hrs 16m 49s

Michael Coles
Mark Hull
Kevin McTaggart
H/C 17m 52s
H/C Time 3hrs 25m 56s