Victory AC Members at Annual Charity Relay

Victory Athletic Club - Hayling Charity Relay

Hayling Island Charity Relay : Sunday 19th August 2018
Having Fun and Raising Money for the RNLI

This years Charity Relay will be run on Sunday 19th August and again will be supporting the RNLI.

We will start form the Northney Village Hall, Hayling Island.

The route will be anticlockwise with a projected 10am start for the first teams.
The start will be staggered in an effort to help with parking at handover points.
As usual teams will be handicapped by the JG spreadsheet!

At the end of the relay team members and family and friends are invited to stay for a BBQ or picnic.
This really will be a great fun day out running with other club members round trails you never knew existed.

Legs are to be followed and not mixed up please.
1 - legs 1, 5 and 9
2 - legs 2, 6 and 10
3 - legs 3, 7 and 11
4 - legs 4, 8 and 12


Darren Knight (C)
Helen Boiling
Amber Ankinson
Nicola Stott

Dave Lown (C)
Belinda Harding
Peter Beachill
Dee Sims

Mark Cooter (C)
Neil Tolfrey
Del Chandler
Raman Sangha

Norman Stronach
Colin Moon
Ian Gregory
Karl Weston

Laura Praeger (C)
Lisa Slight
Roger Brummell
Hazel Jenkinson

Jim Clow (C)
Shelly Butler
John Gallagher
Marilyn Crocker

John Cowlin (C)
Gary Heather
Ian Stott
Jan MacDonald

Lesley Allen (C)
Zoe Gill
Tim Cooper
Paul Sahota

Gemma Corbett (C)
Terry Healy
Chris Needham
Mandy Coles

Jo Gilholm (C)
Linda Pukinska
Kevin Leighfield
Colin O’Donnell

Lucy Smith (C)
Kate Parks
Rachel Jarvis
Bridget Main

Beth Fleur (C)
Ali McNiff
Ann Panting
Paul Smart

Relay Leg Descriptions (pdf's) and Maps

Click on map or link below to open document in a new window

Leg Three
1.9 miles
Leg Three Map

Leg 3 Description

Leg Six
1.7 miles
Leg Six Map

Leg 6 Description

Leg Nine
2.5 miles
Leg Nine Map

Leg 9 Description

Leg Twelve
2.4 miles
Leg Twelve Map

Leg 12 Description
Leg Two
1.75 miles
Leg Two Map

Leg 2 Description

Leg Five
2.9 miles
Leg Five Map

Leg 5 Description

Leg Eight
2.2 miles
Leg Eight Map

Leg 8 Description

Leg Eleven
1.6 miles
Leg Eleven Map

Leg 11 Description
Leg One
1.98 miles
Leg One Map

Leg 1 Description

Leg Four
2.25 miles
Leg Four Map

Leg 4 Description

Leg Seven
2.7 miles
Leg Seven Map

Leg 7 Description

Leg Ten
2.2 miles
Leg Ten Map

Leg 10 Description

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