Couch to 5k graduates Spring 2016 See what you can achieve - 5k is do-able for most people!
Hayling Billy

Hayling Billy

Victory Athletic Club
Couch to 5k and 5k-10k Courses

These running courses are ideal
for those who have done no running at all,
with an emphasis on having fun, socialising
and making steps to being active.

Couch to 5k (and 5k - 10k) with Victory AC from Havant Leisure Centre!

We aim to offer a couple of c25k courses
generally starting in January and in September (& follow on 5 - 10k courses) each year.

NEW 5k - 10k COURSE will start 12th March 2019
Tuesdays : 6.30pm: Havant Leisure Centre

email us NOW to register your interest

The next 9 week Couch to 5k (C25K) course will be starting in September 2019.
It will be every Tuesday at 6.30pm from Havant Leisure Centre.

Come and join a really friendly group catering for all speeds and goals!

Everyone who has come on these course is always amazed how gently increasing your distance,
and coming along regularly can be so achieveable and so much fun!

The course follows the NHS 'Couch to 5k Scheme'
For more information and to download the training programme and podcasts visit the NHS C25K page

The cost of our c25k and 5k to 10k courses is included within VAC Membership

To sign up for the course, contact us via email or leave a message on our Facebook page!

Couch to 5k graduates at The Clanfield Challenge
Picture: Graduates of the Victory C25k course taking part in The Clanfield Challenge.

Victory 'Couch to 5k' is a great course to get you started as a runner, or to help you pick back up the pace after a break from running through absence or an injury. By following the Government approved guidelines the course is designed to take you, over a period of nine weeks, from a walker to a confident 5k runner.

Each session will be a mix of long walks and short runs, which over the nine weeks will progress to shorter walks and longer runs, until you are confidently running the whole 5k distance!

Following on from the course is the Victory 5k to 10k which will allow you to use your new running skills to progress confidently to running 10k. This course focuses on continuos running and allows you to build up your distance and speed gradually over the duration of the course.

cost is £20 - which includes VAC club membership. Both courses are free to existing Victory Club Members

To join one of these course all you need to do is email and full course details and club membership information will be forwarded to you.

Age restrictions on club runs and courses.

These courses are designed for adults, but juniors aged between 15-17 yrs (UJ's) are permitted to take part in both courses unaccompanied, as long as we have signed parental consent.

Juniors aged 12-14 yrs (AJ's) are permitted to join the V25k course only and must be accompanied by a parent or a designated responsible adult at all times.

Victory Athletic Club is affiliated with England Athletics

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