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There's no such thing as a bad run!

Many of us finish our runs and utter "that was hard" or "I had a rubbish run today/night" or the equivalent. But I urge you to stop and reflect on what has just been achieved at the end of your run. You have completed what many people fail to start you have just run, and probably a distance that many determine as "Cor I couldn't do that". We as runners also say "yeah it was only a X mile training run/ race". We flippantly use the word "only" as if we are some sort of world class athlete or demi-god.

I am an average runner, I do not aspire to super fast times or ultra long distances. My motivation is manyfold, as a coach to sometimes prove that the session is achievable and help others achieve, as a member of VAC to be proud and represent my club, as a member of the local community to demonstrate that X factor and Strictly Dancing are not the only entertainment in the world and as a runner to just get out there. Yes I finish runs and think I could have done better or put more effort in training but at the end I feel also a sense of achievement because I was out there and doing it!

Most of you know me as a coach sometimes with a bizarre sense of humour and always banging on about "buddying up". I like to call you all "my athletes" and I do observe how you are doing and hopefully offering timely advice and encouragement. One of my observations is that none of you have a bad run - if you are fully participating in the session to the best of your ability.

Perhaps now I should stop pontificating and actually get to the point of this article. Which is that we are all foremost members of VAC, which as we all know is a "social club with running thrown in"! The social side is very important as it leads to many of you developing training partners or running mates for those long runs or Sunday morning forays. But do not overlook your own participation in any running activity - training, races, social runs etc. - you are out their doing it!

If I have not convinced you that there is no such thing as a bad run then I urge you to reflect and look around you at the end of your next run, assess your recovery and Smile.

These are the ramblings of a person who means well but may be deranged alia:
Pete Harding - November 2009